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A Generation Of Wimps

Posted January 22, 2014 by jim young in Other

– jim young

“It was cold enough to freeze the knots off a pine tree.”

It was cold. Fucking cold, and the laneway needed shovelling – again.

But I work in the private sector so there are no snow days for me such as there are for government workers.

And on this particular occasion even the schools were being shut down just due to the cold!

For the most part the roads were generally clear and visibility was acceptable.

But there was a line drawn in the snow.

Government workers were taking a day off with pay (at the expense of the taxpayers I might add) to sit in the comfort of their warm and cozy homes while the private sector – for the most part – cleared the snow from their driveways and made their way to work.

And it’s a good thing the private sector doesn’t shut down unless absolutely necessary too.

Otherwise all those government workers sitting at home wouldn’t have access to the entertainment of their televisions, the hydro to run them or the heat to keep them comfortable.

And thank god the people running the internet made it to work too. Otherwise the barrage of mindless tweets and text messages redundantly letting everyone know how high the snow was in front of their house might come to an abrupt halt.

Particular thanks should go to emergency workers – firemen, policeman, and ambulance drivers. Good thing it wasn’t too cold or snowy for THEM to go to work.

We are raising a generation of wimps.

Yes, I remember snow days when we were kids. But the snow was literally higher than the snow plows. And in the 1950s the plows were less equipped to handle the conditions they now face.

Cars and school buses literally wouldn’t start in the cold. When’s the last time that has happened to a car made in this century? Who even knows how to boost a car anymore even if they HAD cables.

This year – schools were closed simply because it was too cold at 20 or 30 degrees below zero Celsius. Wasn’t the norm in years gone by?

I remember going to school in temperatures that were minus 40. (I remember it because at minus 40 you don’t have worry if it’s Celsius or Fahrenheit – it’s both.)

Our parents dressed us appropriately WITHOUT the advantage of designer fabrics and materials guaranteed to withstand temperatures of 100 degrees below zero that are available today.

It may have been difficult for us to walk in the bundled layers we wore – but we never got frostbite unless we insisted on lingering too long skating or playing hockey on the frozen crick.

When the radiators broke down in the schools – we continued with our lessons with our coats and mitts on.

And remember – this was a time when it would have been easy to send the kids home without worrying they were going to an empty house. Our moms were pretty much all stay-at home moms. For the few that weren’t a neighbour was a friend you could trust and count on to help look out for your children.

Now it seems a snow flurry justifies a school closure or at least pulling the buses off the roads.

And when the school buses are cancelled many government workers regard that as justification for them to take the day off.

As I drove to work on this blustery day I was amazed to see that the streets were well plowed and the snow removed right back to the parking meters (where you are expected to pay a small pittance) for this kind of service – thanks not to the City of Barrie workers – but the contractors they employ from the PRIVATE sector that braved the cold and snow all night long.

To the thousands of government workers out there that you and I all pay the wages of when they use “snow day” as the slightest excuse for a day off with pay – you should thank those of us in the private sector that continue to keep the gene pool strong by producing offspring who, like their parents will work in the private sector and not be content to enjoy the benefits of the parasites in our society that continue to suck the tax payers dry.

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