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Activism or Anti-Activism?

Posted March 30, 2018 by jim young in Business

“What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” – anon

We are lucky to live in a country where we are allowed to freely express our opinions and even hold legal protests to demonstrate our commitment to our cause.

But at what point does a legally held protest infringe on someone else’s rights?

Last December Animal Activists began protesting outside of “Antlers Restaurant & Bar”. As if demonstrations outside the restaurant were not enough, the protesters also taunted the patrons, shouting “Murder” each time the restaurant door opened.

Business was being affected.

Owner Michael Hunter tried to appease the protesters by promoting vegan dishes, but to no avail.

In an attempt to fight fire with fire, Hunter took the hind quarter of a deer to cut up in the front window to the shock and horror of the protesters.

The video, if you have watched it, is quite amusing and clearly demonstrates that, while the activists can dish it out – they don’t seem to be able to take it.






This clip starts out with an activist describing the scene. “So, the owner of this restaurant has gone out of his way to mock this legal peaceful protest at Antler restaurant by bringing the alleged animal to this table where people are always supposed to be dining; where this is not supposed to happen of course and he’s doing it deliberately to mock and taunt.”

The activist makes a point of noting it is a “legal” protest.

Clearly visible in the video is a huge banner the activists are carrying with one word “MURDER”. And much of the narrative also accuses the restaurant of “murder”.

The implication being, that the protesters are involved in a “legal” activity but the restaurant owner is not which is not true. Goose? Gander?





The activist narrating the video suggests the owner’s intent is to “mock and taunt” the activists but then says “I don’t know what he thinks this will achieve.”

I think it’s pretty obvious what the owner hopes to achieve and that is to drive away the activists just as the activists are trying to drive him away. Goose? Gander?

The police arrive and enter the restaurant to speak with the owner.

“The police are here now talking to the owner about his dismembering of a deer in this dining area to taunt the activists.” the activist explains.

“The police specifically entered the restaurant to apparently confront the owner of his dismembering of a recently murdered deer in the dining area at the front window of his restaurant instead of his kitchen to taunt these activists.”

Does he really know at this point, “specifically” why the police entered the restaurant? Does he really have such detailed insight as to what they are confronting the owner with?




The activist suggests he has a pretty good idea what the police are talking to the owner about but then confesses, “No idea what the police are saying,” adding “but it leads me to the conclusion that they are not pleased, they didn’t enter to have a good laugh about it. They are not pleased about it and they don’t want it to escalate. That would be my presumption.”

And just a moment later the activist admits, “I do see them smiling, that’s unfortunate.”

No charges were laid against the owner for non-compliance of health regulations as the activists had hoped for. And apparently there are no laws against the owner holding his own protest against the protesters.




Although the activists may have left disappointed, they can take some solace in knowing that they have made a difference.

Antler Restaurants & Bar sales have increased.

Anters: 1

Activists: 0

– 30 –


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