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An Elephant In The Democrat Party?

Posted March 9, 2008 by jim young in Politics
An Elephant In The Democrat Party

– by jim young

There’s an elephant in the room in the Democratic nomination race and it ain’t the Republican Elephant.

Nobody’s talking about it, I suppose, because it’s not politically correct. Or am I the only one to notice that Hillary Clinton is a woman and Barack Obama is black?

There – I’ve said it publicly. Now it’s out there. Let’s discuss it.

Are the Democrats just shooting themselves in the foot thinking that the United State is ready for either a Woman President OR a Black President?

Or are they setting the stage for a shoo-in for Republican John McCain as the next President of the U.S?

Am I being naïve in thinking that when election time comes the people will put their silly racist and sexist prejudiced attitudes behind them and vote for the person inside the body?

I can’t help but wonder what portion of Clinton’s votes is from voters that would just rather have a woman President than a black President? And likewise, how many of Obama’s supporters would just rather have a black President than a woman President?

Canada had a woman Prime Minister in 1993 – Kim Campbell – but that was by default, not election. Sure, Campbell was elected as leader of the Progressive Conservative Party and then automatically became Prime Minster when Brian Mulroney resigned from politics. But the Canadian People did not actually elect her Prime Minister.

Was Campbell defeated in the next election because she was a woman or because she simply did not demonstrate the ability required to be Prime Minister in the short time she led our country?

England had a woman Prime Minister but then they are usually ahead of North America in such manners. But even Margaret Thatcher herself once predicted “No woman in my time will be Prime Minister (of England)…”

Personally I hope the Democrats are right and we have finally evolved to a point where the colour of your skin or the size of your tits don’t determine a person’s ability. (Although I wouldn’t want anyone to interpret that as my support for either Clinton or Obama.)

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