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An Ounce Of Prevention

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A real man would never get a girl drunk just to get what’s on the other side of her clothes… – Raul Vasequez

- jim young

Everyone wants a fuck-buddy.

Well, almost everyone.

And what’s wrong with that, really?

Sometimes it’s just nice to have an uncomplicated, none-emotional romp in the hay with no strings attached.

Of course by definition, a fuck-buddy implies that the sex is consensual.

What some people need – mostly young girls – is an “un-fuck buddy”.

Someone she trusts to look out for her when her defences are down.

It seems to be coming more and more common that young girls just out for a good time at a party, have too much to drink and are taken advantage of by some of their fellow party-mates who may or may not even be known to them.

Of course by definition – that’s rape. And yet the mindset among many young people seems to suggest it’s much less serious than that. It’s too often viewed as just having a good time.

And for whatever reasons, these incidents often go unreported.

Perhaps the victim is too embarrassed to report the incident to the authorities. Or perhaps she feels that the resulting investigation would be more humiliating than if she just tried to put the incident behind her. There may be fear of repercussions and far too often the victim may feel that she is somehow to blame.

Of course the easy answer is to suggest to these young girls that she simply shouldn’t drink so much to put herself in such a vulnerable position in the first place.

But let’s face it that’s just not going to happen.

So maybe the next best thing is to have an “un-fuck buddy”.

Someone she trusts implicitly to look out for her best interests when her defences are down and she is too inebriated to fend for herself

But let’s not limit this concept to a defensive action.

The guys in these situations need to man-up to their responsibilities too.

So maybe they should have an “un-fuck buddy” as well.

You know – someone that will step in when situations start to get out of control and say “Hey dude – this is not cool!”

I believe for the most part that all people are good at the core. But when hormones and pheromones get mixed with alcohol and drugs, sometimes lines get crossed.

That is not intended to diminish the responsibility or seriousness of these crimes – but there’s an old saying that goes – “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Get your ounce of prevention with an “un-fuck buddy”.

- 30 -

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