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Assholes At The Olympics

Posted August 1, 2012 by jim young in Lifestyle
Voula Papachristou

– by jim young

Take a look at the person on your left. Now take a look at the person on your right. Even if they both look normal to you, chances are all three of you are assholes.

Or at least you have been one at some time in your life.

We’ve all been an asshole at some point in our lives because we all have a tendency to do assholish things from time to time.

You can be a “Bit of an Asshole” or you can be a “Big Asshole”.

The degree of your assholism is generally not usually determined by the magnitude of your assholish behaviour but rather, by the quantity of your assholish acts.

It’s how often you are an asshole that usually defines your title of a “Big Asshole”.

To some it comes naturally and for others the tendency to be an asshole could be the result of something as simple as having a bad hair day.

Assholes are annoying and irritating – Jerk Supremes.

But to be fair, most assholes – even the “Biggest Assholes” don’t realize they are being assholes – at least when they are committing the act of assholism. And they may or may not even realize it after.

2012 Olympics

This year’s Dog On A Root Olympic Asshole Awards go to Voula Papachristou & an unnamed, 17 year old teenager who tweeted swimmer Tom Daley.

And they qualify as “Big Assholes” not because of the enormousness of their assholism; (which was pretty big) they qualify under the quantity of assholish acts based not on the number of assholish acts they actually committed (which was just one each) but by the sheer number of people they displayed their assholish acts to with the use of Twitter.

(Note to Twitters users: Use your tweets with discretion ‘less you too commit assholism.)

Papachristou is an asshole for her tweet “With so many Africans in Greece… at least the West Nile mosquitos will eat homemade food!” and the unnamed, 17 year old teenager is an asshole because he tweeted “You let your dad down. I hope you know that” to swimmer Tom Daley who had hoped and failed to win a medal to honour his father who passed away a year ago of brain cancer.

Papachristou’s tweet was an insult not just to the “Africans in Greece” referred to in her tweet, but to all decent people of all races everywhere in the world.

But did she deserve to be kicked out of the Olympics for her assholism? Probably not. This was likely an overreaction that generated even more publicity and brought attention to her tasteless and assholic tweet.

Generally the best way to handle assholes is to ignore them. Most of the time they just go away.

But I guess someone decided that the unnamed, 17 year old teenager’s assholism should be penalized more harshly leading to his arrest and charges of “suspicion of malicious communications”.

Tom Daley, 2012 Olympics in London, England

Good God, if arrests were made for every act of assholism, we’d all be criminals. Surely the humiliation in front of his friends, family and peers would be punishment enough.

Sometimes we can be assholes even when we think we are doing something good. So I will add two more contenders for the Dog On A Root Olympic Asshole Awards – the Greek Olympic Committee for booting Papachristou off the Olympic team and the police that decided to press charges against the unnamed, 17 year old teen.

May the shame of the mothers of a thousand hookers fall upon the winners.

And congratulations to all the runners up (you know who you are) for being nothing more than a “bit of an asshole” this year.

– 30 –



    i think it was more than the tweet about tom’s father that got the teen in trouble. he also tweeted that he was going to drown tom in his pool. that goes beyond being an a-hole. that’s a death threat and it’s a criminal act and should be treated as such.


    You’re right Ian. I guess the story I read on the incident either left that part out or I missed it.

    Either way it’s my bad for not properly researching the story.

    The unnamed, 17 year old teenager crossed the line with his later post.

    I apologize to the police and my readers for this oversight.

    And I’m not too big to admit it – I guess that makes me a “bit of an asshole” myself.

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