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Barrie Burger’s Barbecue Sauce Makes Its Way To Campell River, B.C.

Posted July 9, 2013 by jim young in Business

– jim young

In the picturesque town of Campbell River on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, life is idyllic.

While the rest of us have come to expect commodities we order from electronics to clothing to be on our doorstep the next day, the residents of Campbell River accept that, since most goods are delivered to the island by boat, their deliveries often take a bit more time.

For Steve, this laid back, slower pace of life was a fair trade off for leaving behind the hectic rat-race he once had to contend with in Barrie, Ontario.

Having experienced both worlds, in many ways Steve may actually appreciate this relaxed life-style even more so than the native residents who take life in Campbell River and all its majestic beauty from the mountains on the horizon to the dolphins playfully swimming in the channel for granted.

But if there is one thing that Steve really misses about Barrie, it’s the delectable flavour of Barrie Burger’s Barbecue Sauce.

Barrie Burger 03 r2

Home of the world’s best barbecue sauce.

Like Pavlov’s dog we all have at least one item of food that the very thought of will make us salivate for.

You’re probably thinking about yours right now and I’d be willing to bet the inside of your mouth has become juicer than an over-ripe tomato which by no coincidence is an image that has likewise caused my mouth to water as I write.

For Steve, it’s Barrie Burger’s Barbecue Sauce that starts his oral juices flowing.

The lack of it is Campbell River’s only drawback.

But if you’re as determined as Steve is, and believe that you are worthy of life’s little pleasures whatever the effort, logistics just becomes a minor obstacle to overcome.

Unlike everything else that arrives by boat however, Barrie Burger’s Barbecue Sauce deserves more immediate attention.

Steve relies on a contact in Barrie to air-ship his sauce to Vancouver. From there it will complete its journey to the island aboard a small prop plane from the fleet of Central Mountain Air – Steve’s lifeline to the outside world for items that just can’t wait for a slow boat from the mainland to dock.

And once the Barrie Burger Barbecue Sauce has reached its final destination, all is right with the world, at least for Steve.

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BC 033 r1

Central Mountain Air delivers Barrie Burger’s Barbecue Sauce to Campbell River, B.C.


    Jason Yin

    Thank you Mr Jimmy & your friend send the picture to my store!
    I am very prideful that you like my homemade BBQ. Sauce and fly to that island.
    I hope you happy for you travel in Barrie and see you again.


      Thanks for checking out my site Jason.

      We tell all our friends how good not just your Barbecue Sauce is – but also how good your Burgers are too.

      It is nice to see there are still some small businesses around that take pride in what they do by doing it well.

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