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Becoming Domesticated

Posted October 31, 2009 by jim young in Lifestyle

– jim young

I remember one Saturday night back in 1970 when I was almost 18. The plan for the evening was to attend a party, drink a bit of beer, smoke a bit of dope and/or drop some acid and hopefully get laid, after which I would struggle to find my way home again.

In fact it was more of a routine (except for the getting laid part) than it really was a plan. It had been the same plan/routine for many weeks and would continue to be the same plan/routine for many weeks to come.

I was living at home at the time. And although my parents were away for the weekend I chose to take my “party” plans elsewhere as I knew my older sister had plans of her own at the house.

“So what are your plans for tonight,” I asked Leah to make polite conversation as I waited for my ride.

Leah would have been the ripe old age of 20 at the time. She already had an established career and although it had never been discussed – at least not in front of me – I suspected that a marriage to her long-time boyfriend was imminent.

Leah was the most conservative of my siblings although as I later learned – perhaps not quite as conservative as I had thought.

“Wayne and I are having a few friends over for a game of cards,” Leah told me.

I rolled my eyes and thought to myself, “Oh god! – I hope I never get that old.”

But I did get that old. And it wasn’t too many years after that.

I too was married and with kids and my idea of a great Saturday night changed to spending a quiet evening at home, playing with my kids and falling asleep on the couch.

It wasn’t a painful transition.

No one forced me to do it.

It just happened naturally.

Except for an occasional relapse when a desire to relive my youth overwhelms me, those proverbial party days are gone forever.

And you know what?

I have no regrets.

My sister always was smarter than me.

– 30 –


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