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Calgary Stampede Has License To Practice Animal Abuse

Posted July 15, 2012 by jim young in Lifestyle

– jim young

Cock fighting is illegal in Canada.

Dog fighting was outlawed in Canada 120 years ago in 1892.

It is common knowledge that an animal abuse case in the newspaper will provoke more reader response than a similar story on child abuse. (I am not going to dispute the logic or the validity of this point – it’s just a fact.)

The first case of child abuse in the United States was tried in 1874 when Little Mary Ellen was presented in a New York court of law as a “member of the animal kingdom” because there were laws to protect animals against abuse, but no similar laws to protect children.

And yet we Canadians insist on proudly promoting the Calgary Stampede, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.

There have been 62 animal deaths (not all, but mostly horses) at the Calgary Stampede since 1986.

The Calgary Stampede, which can be described as little more than a 10-day festival of cruelty to animals is “sold” under the thinly veiled guise of a long held Canadian Tradition.

I call “Bullshit”.

Are Canadians trying to compete with countries like Spain and Mexico where the cruel sport of bullfighting is still considered a “manly” sport?

Somehow the stereotype of the apologetic and polite Canadian does not invoke the same macho image that one might otherwise be associated with the Calgary Stampede.

But as a proud Canadian – that’s okay with me.

I don’t mind being perceived as “polite” and “apologetic” – which I am not.

So I sure as hell don’t mind NOT being perceived as “macho” – which I am also not.
(Hey girls – don’t hold this against me – I’m still a nice guy – really!)

The Calgary Stampede has been heralded as the “Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth”.

But I don’t think so.

The Calgary Stampede pales in comparison to, for example, the Northern Lights for that title.

And that’s just the start.

While cock fighting and dog fighting sports pit animal against animal, the Calgary Stampede pits man against animal in the same manner as does bull fighting.

There are many legitimate and acceptable Calgary Stampede events.

So abolishing the events that involve cruelty to animals would not ring a death knoll on the Stampede itself.

And even though Calgary Stampede events such as bull riding, steer wrestling, steer riding, tie down roping, saddle bronco and bareback riding events do not usually end in the death of an animal as does bullfighting, since when does the definition of cruelty to animals necessarily involve death?

Does pushing an animal to its limits on the track until it collapses of heart failure in the middle of a race leading to its death and the euthanasia of 2 horses it dragged down with it even qualify to be a “sport”?

On the Calgary Stampede’s “About Us” page they claim “The Stampede contributes to the quality of life…”

Certainly they didn’t mean the “quality of life” of the animals that are consistently abused, not just in the Stampede itself, but all those thousands of animal sacrifices made in the name of training the “Cowboy Wannabes” that compete and hope to compete in the events.

The animal activist groups seem to be making little headway in their opposition to the animal abuse of the Calgary Stampede.

And it’s not likely they’ll make much progress in calling for a boycott of the Calgary Stampede in a province populated with such a high percentage of rednecks.

So perhaps the Animal Activist groups might be more effective if they hit the Calgary Stampede where it hurts – the proverbial pocket book and call for the Calgary Stampede to be stripped of its “not-for-profit” status.

It’s not the ideal answer. But it’s a start.

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    Brenda Staines

    I agree, if they want death defying feats, put the humans in the ring, at least they will be volunteers and not voluntold as the animals are. Who can find
    joy and excitement in the brutal death of such magnificent creatures who depend on us for their protection. Kudos Jim!


    I agree with Brenda. I once lived and worked in Calgary and had to put up with these shit-kickers. We ALL want to be cowboys, or at least we did when we were six or seven years old. Grow the fuck up, will ya? If you “short peckers” have to show how tough you are, “DO” each other. Hell, rope,tie and throw to the ground each other. And just to make it more fun, brand the idiot right on the end of his……………

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