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Can Santa And Jesus Coexist?

Posted December 15, 2016 by jim young in Lifestyle

– jim young

As you will see in the attached video, Pastor Dave Grisham, representing the “Last Frontier Evangelism” that he founded in Anchorage, Alaska, delivered a rant at a mall in Amarillo, Texas attempting to discredit the existence of Santa Claus.

Apparently Grisham wasn’t aware that his unalienable right of “free speech” does NOT extend to displays on private property such as the Westgate Mall in Amarillo, Texas.

The Westgate Mall’s code of conduct, which can be found online prohibits any kind of behavior that disturbs the peace, including annoying others.

As it is not reasonable to consider that Grisham’s rant would be anything less than “annoying” to the patrons of the Westgate Mall, we have to accept that Grisham is first, guilty of trespassing.

Grisham claims he was assaulted by a parent after accusing one of them of touching him and you can hear Grisham clearly say in his video “Sir, don’t put your hands on me.” However Grisham’s video does not conclusively demonstrate that the alleged “assault” actually even took place. What IS clearly evident on Grisham’s video is the verbal assault that Grisham inflicted on the children and parents standing in line to see Santa, while trespassing on Westgate Mall’s property.

And just in case the link to this video is broken or is too slow streaming on your computer, here is the context of Grisham’s rant, verbatim.

“Folks, my name is Pastor David. Kids, I wanted to tell you today that there is no such thing as Santa Claus. Santa Claus does not exist. The Christmas season is about Jesus. Jesus was born 2016 years ago. He was born in a manger in a small town called Bethlehem. And that’s the truth about Christmas. The man you’re gonna see today is just a man in a suit, dressed up like Santa, but Santa does not exist. Santa’s not real. And parents y’all need to stop lying to your children and telling them that Santa Claus is real when in fact he’s not. When you substitute the lie of Santa Claus in the heart of your child for the truth of Jesus Christ you are bearing false witness against God. Don’t lie to your children and tell them there’s such a thing as Santa when you know in reality that there are no flying reindeer, there is no workshop in the North Pole, there is no elves making toys, that you buy all the gifts and put ‘em under the tree. That’s all the truth. And there is no real Santa Claus. There is no Santa. It is not your place to lie to your children. Tell them the truth about Jesus Christ. Tell them the truth about what Christmas is all about. That it’s about Jesus and it’s not about Santa Claus. There is no Santa Claus. There is no Santa Claus. It’s about Jesus. Tell them the truth.”

I am not about to dispute Grisham’s position that Jesus “was born in a manger in a small town called Bethlehem.” That may very well be a truth about Christmas.

It has, however, been pretty much established that Jesus was NOT born in December and this Christian celebration was moved to December 25th for other reasons, perhaps to coincide with the more popular pagan celebrations of the festival of lights. (And we’ll just gloss over the fact that since there was no year zero – it was really even 2016 years ago.)

You would think a “pastor” so intent on spreading the “truth” would be a little more enlightened on what the truth really is.

But none of that is even really important.

What is more important is “What did Santa ever do to provoke “Grisham” to become the “Grinch”?

“There is no real Santa Claus.” Apparently Grisham is not even aware of the Bishop of Myra in 3rd century Turkey who was recognized as St. Nicholas as early as the 6th century. Seriously is Grisham even qualified to BE a pastor?

“The Christmas season is about Jesus,” Grisham continues. You’ll get no argument from me on that. But it can be, and is, about so much more. It’s about “peace on earth and goodwill toward man,” it’s about “loving your neighbour” it’s about “setting aside differences”, it’s about “love” and yes – it’s about Santa Claus. All of those things exemplify and honour the life of Jesus. It does not take away from it.

“When you substitute the lie of Santa Claus in the heart of your child for the truth of Jesus Christ…” I think this is a bit of a stretch, don’t you? Who is doing that? Who is suggesting anyone substitute Santa for Jesus?

“Don’t lie to your children and tell them there’s such a thing as Santa when you know in reality that there are no flying reindeer, there is no workshop in the North Pole, there is no elves making toys…” In reality there is no denying that Grisham was telling the truth here. But there is nothing in any of these fantasies that is an inherent threat to his religion or the teachings of Jesus Christ. In fact, they are nothing more than stories told in a way to inspire children to help them believe. Stories that are not necessarily intended to be factual, but to explain the mysteries. Yes the gifts may be placed under the tree by the parents, but they are placed there in the “spirit” of St. Nicholas. What better way to explain it than by the use of stories – or “parables” if you will.

And who else do we know that relied heavily on the use of parables to make the common man more easily understand his message? Jesus Christ himself.

To suggest that St. Nicholas does not exist simply because he is dead, even if he lives in our hearts is akin to suggesting that Jesus Christ does not exist simply because he too is dead.

So in reality, Grisham had done nothing more than contradict himself by inflicting a series of unwanted, unwelcome and largely false statements.

Wars throughout history have been waged due to religious disagreements; criminal acts have been committed in the name of religion; sexual assaults inflicted upon the innocent of all ages by trusted religious leaders many in the name of Jesus.

But Santa? What has Santa ever done to anybody? Why attack Santa? The “spirit” of Santa exists just as surely as does the spirit of God, Buddha, Krishna, Yahweh, Jehovah, Ala, Vishnu and all the other incarnations of god.

Santa does not diminish Jesus’ message of love – he promotes it. Beyond that – all they have in common really is – the birthday they allegedly share.

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