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Cell Phones – The “Dip Chip”

Posted June 4, 2011 by jim young in Media

– jim young

My mother has an old crank telephone at her cottage in the Muskokas. At the other end of the line in a nearby guest cabin is a similar crank telephone.

They are survivors from the Stroud Telephone Company when Stroud had a telephone company.

Of course they can only be used to communicate between the main cottage on the mainland and the small guest cabin on the island.

But nearby Mom also has a more modern telephone. With emphasis on the “more”.

It’s an old dial phone which works very well thank you. At least it does when it’s hooked up.

Mom has it disconnected for the “off-seasons” and didn’t yet have it connected for the summer as we began the festivities celebrating the Lionel Conacher May 2-4 weekend party.

We were isolated from the outside world. Or so I thought.

As the party continued into the wee hours of the morning, I looked around the cottage and noticed there were a gaggle of cell phones and Blackberries on tables, chairs and shelves in all different makes, colours and types.

I have a feeling there were more cell phones than there were people.

Occasionally someone would pick theirs up, read a text message from cyber space, set their thumbs a-twitter across the micro-sized keypad to reply, and then continue on with the games or conversations that were taking place live.

I had to wonder “When did we develop such a strong desire to keep in constant communication with the whole world and why?”

The company that was in attendance were quite enough for me to enjoy some fellowship with.

I didn’t need to know at that moment in time what someone else was thinking whether they were an hour away or on the other side of the world.

In the group of 30 plus people that were at our party, it was impossible just to keep up with THEIR conversations.

I think the television finally has some competition for the description of “idiot box”. If television is the “boob tube” perhaps the cell phone will become known as the “dip chip”.

I have a cell phone but I seldom use it. We keep it mostly for emergencies. It costs us $10 a month for a limited number of minutes.

But the minutes keep rolling over each month and we have something like over 30 hours of free airtime banked.

I hope I never have that many emergencies.

My cell phone can’t connect to the internet (that I know of). But then I have a computer at home that lets me do that.

I can’t Twitter, Tweak or Facebook anyone on my cell phone. But I don’t do that on my home computer either.

My cell phone DOES take pictures. But the quality isn’t very good and I’ve only ever used it to test it. But that’s okay because I have a nice Sony digital camera to take pictures with.

The only reason we have a cell phone with THAT feature is because the first cell phone we bought finally died on us and this was the cheapest replacement we could find.

(We purchased it at a garage sale for $10.)

I read that the average person goes through 20 to 30 cell phones in their life.

I’m on my second cell phone, so at that rate I expect I will live another 100 years.

But my biggest pet peeve with cell phones is the use of cell phones in inappropriate places such as restaurants, movie theatres, medical offices and churches just to name a few.

And yet, apparently it’s illegal to block cell phone reception. Why is that?

No matter how many signs you post prohibiting cell phone use, people will continue to make and receive calls.

If I am a proprietor of a restaurant for example, why don’t I have the right to block cell phone reception in my place of business and post a sign at my door advising my patrons that their cell phones will not work inside?

It would then become their choice whether or not to they still want to patronize my business.

Maybe not enough people would support a cell-phone free restaurant or theatre to make it worth the owner’s while.

But I would.

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