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Christmas Balls

Posted December 11, 2008 by jim young in Business

I want to do business with companies that have Christmas Balls; companies that aren’t afraid to use the “C” word.

And I’m not talking about the decorative balls that you hang on your “C” Tree; I mean real gonads.

I’m a little more than tired of getting Christmas Cards from companies that read “Season’s Greeting’s” or “Happy Holidays”.

This is the “CHRISTMAS” Season folks. And it has been in the western world for the last few hundred years. Hell – it doesn’t even have anything to do with religion any more.

It’s about Santa Claus, Christmas Trees, Lights, Holly, Mistletoe, Christmas Fruit Cakes that nobody ever really wants and of course presents that everybody does want.

Even the story of Jesus and the Three Wise Guys has become little more than a fable to many self-proclaimed Christians that often go to church only once or twice a year anyway.

Clement C. Moore’s “’Twas The Night Before Christmas” is about as relevant to Christmas as is the babe in the manger.

So tell me again who it is that is getting offended by wishing them a “Merry Christmas”?

I don’t believe it’s the Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists or any other faith for that matter. So don’t go making the reclamation of Christmas as an excuse to go hate mongering against people of those faiths either.

As an atheist I’m not offended by anyone that wishes ME a Merry Christmas. Or a Happy Hanukkah for that matter.

I suspect that there are more Christians, in their misguided attempt to make certain that no one is offended, involved in the conspiracy to make Christmas a generic holiday than there is anyone else.

And in doing so, they are offending not only other Christians but the thousands of other people who, Christian or not – actually LIKE Christmas just the way it is; commercialized bullshit and all.

Christians are their own worst enemy. They bicker amongst themselves. Even the many groups of Christians: Catholics, Protestants, Anglicans, Baptists, Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses and so on can’t agree on how Christmas should be celebrated.

Christians have a history of compromising their beliefs to be politically correct from the moment they arbitrarily changed the birth of their lord to coincide with the pagan rituals taking place in December. And just how much respect can you have for a religion that does that?

But I’ll tell you what DOES offend me. What offends me is a card that says “Happy Holidays.” You’re a little late buddy. I took my Holidays last summer.

Seasons Greeting’s? Thanks – but what about our great Canadian springs, summers and falls? Why don’t you give a fuck about me during those seasons?

So if you celebrate Christmas – whether it’s by participating in traditional Christmas events or just getting in on the cash grab from Christmas Shoppers to boost your profits, at least have the decency to wish all your friends and customers a Merry Christmas. Trust me. The world won’t come to an end.

So to all my readers of all faiths, I will not apologize when I say: Merry Christmas to all and with a warm cup of “Shut the hell up!”

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    I have to agree with you on this one Jim. It really REALLY pisses me off to hear people be all “politically correct” in todays day and age. I always make sure I go out of my way to wish people a Merry Christmas when I do my shopping, ESPECIALLY if it is a Muslim, Jew, what have you.


    Well then martman – a belated Merry Christmas to you too.

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