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Christmas Idol

Posted December 18, 2010 by jim young in Media

I think we need a new TV show called something like “Christmas Idol”.

I don’t mean to find people to represent Christmas.

There are already 2 pretty big Christmas Idols and I don’t think they could or should be replaced.

For the purists, of course, there’s Jesus Christ – the man for whom Christmas was named. Photobucket

And for the young and young-at-heart, there’s Saint Nicholas.

So we really don’t need anymore Christmas Idols.

But what we DO need are some new Christmas Carols and Christmas Songs to pay tribute to these already long established Christmas Idols.

Maybe Simon (not the Chipmunk) could produce a show to encourage songwriters to write some new Christmas Carols and Songs and choose from the best of them.

And I’m sure many of the runners up would be destined to become future Christmas Classics as well.

I’m not suggesting we replace the old standards such as Silent Night and Jolly Old Saint Nicholas.

And while I would be happy to never hear anyone other than Nat King Cole sing “O Holy Night”, it’s always interesting to hear contemporary artists do their versions of some of the other Christmas Classics.

Except for Miley Cyrus’ version of “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”. I think that is possibly the worst version I have ever heard and that’s including every pre-schooler I’ve ever heard sing it.

But Madonna’s cover of ”Santa Baby” is very good. And if you want to be truly inspired, listen to The Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s version of “Carol Of The Bells”.

But how many new really good Christmas Songs have been written in the past 50 years?

There were some “contemporary” (for their time) Christmas Songs written in the 50s such as Bobby Helms’ “Jingle Bell Rock” and “The Christmas Song” by Alvin and the Chipmunks.

In the sixties, The Royal Guardsmen brought us “Snoopy’s Christmas” inspired by the Charles Shulz character from his comic strip “Peanuts”.

Jose Feliciano made a great contribution with “Feliz Navidad” in the 70s as did John and Yoko with “Happy Christmas (War Is Over)” – a Christmas Song with a true Christmas message.

But since then – what?

I wouldn’t count The Irish Rover’s rendition of “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” as a really good Christmas Song.

And while I enjoy listening to Kevin Bloody Wilson singing “I Saw Mommy Sucking Santa Claus”, it’s not a Christmas Song I am apt to play while roasting chestnuts on an open fire with my grandchildren on Christmas Eve.

So there you go, Simon – a new idea for a new show to help you make more money. You can have it for free – just tell your viewers you got the idea from Dog On A Root.

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