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Donald, Where’s Your Trousers?

Posted August 2, 2012 by jim young in Lifestyle

– by jim young

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation is fighting to have a law passed requiring the use of condoms in porn movies.

And it seems the best argument the adult film industry can come up with is a cry of hypocrisy since no similar demands are being made for mainstream Hollywood movies.

How about “freedom of expression” for starters?

Censorship – freedom of speech – artistic license!

AIDS Healthcare Foundation president Michael Weinstein accused the porn industry of “sending a terrible message to the world that the only kind of sex that’s hot is unsafe”.

I’ve seen enough porn flicks (only while researching this article of course) to tell you that bareback (the term used for sex without condoms in the world of porn) is certainly not the only kind of sex that is portrayed as “hot sex” in the adult film world.

“Hot sex” in the porn industry can range from masturbation by a single party to group sex involving hundreds of participants.

It can involve an assortment of whips, chains, feathers, toys and an array of very inventive mechanical devices.

You will find clothed sex, naked sex, sex in the water, sex on a train or plane, in public, in private or on stage.

All are “hot sex” to some, with or without the use of condoms.

You will see familiar positions for sex as well as positions that should only be attempted by contortionists.

And yes there are unsafe sex practices portrayed that are perceived as “hot sex” by many such as choking and auto asphyxiation.

How about sex in moving automobiles? Even when the driver isn’t participating, the occupants are rarely wearing their seatbelts!

The variation of types of “hot sex” in adult films is limited only by the imagination.

And that’s the key, right there.

The imagination.

For most, the whole world of porn is nothing more than pure fantasy.

Forcing condoms in the porn industry (and there are many pornos that voluntarily show condom use incidentally) would be as ridiculous as trying to put pants on Donald Duck in the name of decency.

There’s not much chance I’m ever going to have the opportunity to enjoy a sexual encounter with young blond twin sisters and their equally attractive mother at the same time.

In reality the concern would be in my surviving the ensuing heart attack, not in contracting any STD.

So if I want my fantasy of a foursome of this kind to not include a condom, where’s the harm in that?

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