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God Bless Gwen

Posted July 29, 2009 by jim young in Lifestyle

– jim young

Canadian chicks are always complaining about not having equal rights.

And sometimes I think they just don’t deserve them.

Canadian chicks are their own worst enemy because they don’t show the proper respect to the ladies that fight for their rights.

Ask any African-American who Martin Luther King is and they will tell you that Martin Luther King fought for the equality of the black man in America.

Ask an Indian who Mahatma Ghandi is and you will learn that Ghandi led the Indian revolts for independence and freedom from British rule

Ask a Cuban who Che Guevara is and you will discover that, against the odds, Che & Fidel freed Cubans from the corrupt tyranny of the Batista government .

But just ask any Canadian chick “Who is Nellie McClung?”

Will they reveal that Nellie McClung led the women of Manitoba to become the first Canadian women to win the right to vote?

Will they know that Nellie McClung promoted married women’s property rights, better care for school children and mother’s allowances -not just for Canadian chicks, but also for the women of the United States and England as well?

No. You are more likely to be answered with a blank, blonde “huh?” stare.

Thanks to Nellie McClung, Canadian chicks were for the first time, recognised as “people” in 1929.

So why isn’t “Nellie McClung” a household word in Canada as King, Ghandi & Guevara are in their respective countries?

Another great Canadian Heroine that has been largely underrated and under appreciated in, not just her own country, but her own province is Gwen Jacob.

19 year old Jacob, you may remember, after being arrested for walking bare-breasted down a street in Guelph in 33C degree weather in 1991, battled for over 5 years to win a basic and fundamental right for Canadian chicks.

For almost 20 years now, thanks to Gwen, it has been legal for chicks in Ontario to bare their breasts in public in an expression of total equality with men who can do the same.

And in those 20 years, I have not seen one single chick support Gwen Jacob’s selfless, relentless battle by exercising that right.

What’s the matter with you chicks? Where’s your sense of patriotism, justice, equality and pride?

If you don’t exercise your rights – you may one-day wake up to find you have lost them. And then the dedicated work of Gwen Jacob will have all been for nought.

Show your support, respect and appreciation to great Canadian Heroines such as Nellie McClung and Gwen Jacob by proudly baring your breasts in public now, while the weather still permits and while you still maintain the right to do so.

Send me photos of you doing this and I will post them here as a tribute to these great Canadian Heroines and you can proudly join their ranks knowing you have done your part for Canadian chicks from coast to coast.

God Bless Gwen!

– 30 –


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