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Good Customer Service Just Like In The Good Old Days

Posted June 20, 2009 by jim young in Business

– jim young

I like to spend my money.

What the hell? You can’t take it with you and as auctioneer Chris Dubeau is often wont to say, “You can always make more tomorrow.”

So who wants my money? (Keeping in mind I said I like to “spend” my money not “give it away”.)

I’m a pretty impulsive buyer. If you’ve got something I don’t have – I want it, even if I don’t need it.

And if the wares you’re selling are something I already have – well maybe I could use two.

But I warn you. If you want my business you have to give me something else besides whatever it is that you’re flogging, in return for my money.

I want Customer Service.

And not just Customer Service, you have to be able to provide “GOOD” Customer Service.

“Good” Customer Service like you used to get in the “Good” old days.

That’s a lot harder to find than one might think. At least it’s hard to find on a consistent basis.

From time to time you might find a place with good customer service for awhile, but after about 6 months they suck just like everyone else.

It’s easy to provide good customer service occasionally.

But I want it all the time – every time I go to make a purchase.

And I don’t want it just for me. I want to see other shoppers getting the same good customer service.

At Costco yesterday I saw a young girl, accompanied by her mother, approach one of the demo ladies. The young girl’s mother had continued on down the aisle while the young girl asked the demo lady when the pizzas she was serving would be ready.

The old lady (for she was an old lady in both the literal and figurative sense) snapped back in a very rude tone, “I just put it on.”

And I thought to myself, “Well that didn’t really answer the young girl’s question now did it?”

Perhaps the old lady was thinking that since the young girl was not the family member making the purchases, she didn’t matter. If so, she was wrong. She was very, very wrong.

Besides the obvious mistake that young children can greatly influence the products their parents buy, this young girl will too, one day become a paying customer at Costco. Or not, depending on how she accepted this old lady’s reaction.

But the old lady’s treatment of this young girl didn’t sit well with me. I’m not going to boycott Costco or anyone for that matter because of a minor one-time incident such as this. But when I experience enough one-time incidents, then I might.

And I know everyone can have a bad day – but gee – so do actors. Do they let that spoil their performance?

Maybe people in the customer service business should think of themselves as actors and resign themselves to the fact that they have to always be “on” regardless of their inner feelings.

If you can’t “act” the part then maybe you shouldn’t “play” the part.

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