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Guergis & Jaffer On 22 Minutes

Posted September 21, 2010 by jim young in Politics

– jim young

“Rahim Jaffer – No charges since 2009!”

After appearing on the CBC’s premiere of 22 Minutes, it is evident that Helena Guergis and her “you’ll-do-what-I-tell-you-since-you’ve-ruined-my-career-hen-pecked-hubby” Rahim Jaffer have no shame.

But come on, we already knew that, didn’t we?

As Oliver Moore from the Ottawa Notebook suggested, Guergis and Jaffer’s appearance on 22 Minutes may have been a Hugh Grant attempt at redemption.

“Readers may recall that the rich and successful Hollywood actor, (Hugh Grant) who’d been dating a gorgeous model for years, was arrested with a streetwalker in 1995. He appeared shortly thereafter on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, who asked the question everyone was wondering: “What the hell were you thinking?” That started to clear the air and Mr. Grant’s candid response was seen as crucial to his public rehabilitation.”

But it’s not that easy for the diva Guergis.

While Guergis and Jaffer are making light of some very serious allegations (some of which are more than just allegations, I might add) let’s not forget that Hugh Grant’s indiscretions were really a private matter between him and his girlfriend.

Hugh Grant was messing around with a hooker.

Guergis and Jaffer have been messing around with the trust of their constituents, colleagues and the general public.

To think that Guergis and Jaffer might be seeking a pardon of sorts, by making light of their inexcusable behaviour is an insult and disrespect to all Canadians.

“This’ll either be the smartest thing they ever did or the stupidest thing they ever did,” Mark Critch of 22 Minutes states in a promo for the show.

And viewers of this episode that have been following the shameless escapades of Guergis and Jaffer will quickly recognize that while this was far from the stupidest thing that Guergis and Jaffer have ever done, it’s certainly not the smartest thing they’ve ever done either.

Of course for Guergis and Jaffer, breathing would qualify as being smarter.

Who in their right mind is going to believe any of the denials that Guergis and Jaffer make on a comedy show when they can so blatantly lie to parliamentary committees, the press and the public, not to mention the police and a court of law?

Their denials weren’t believable and were only funny in the context as a setup to Critch’s question that Helena was “not a real blonde”.

Helena’s confession that she was not a real blonde was mildly amusing to the viewer and certainly a relief to natural blondes across Canada. Finally, in some small way, blondes have been somewhat vindicated from one more stereotypical cruelty.

In the less than 4-minute segment there were some interesting and I’m sure unintentionally revealing moments.

Critch: “Saying you were an MP when you were no longer an MP.”
Jaffer: “No – everyone knew I was a loser.

Now, as I’m sure you’ve already deduced, I’m not a big fan of Rahim Jaffer. But even I cringed in embarrassment for Jaffer at this point in the show.

Rahim! Don’t try to be funnier than a comedian. Number one – you’re NOT. And number two – in case you didn’t know it, your part in the 22 Minute segment was to be the straight man.

I know where Jaffer’s coming from though. He’s obviously still grovelling at the feet of his domineering wife for his own past indiscretions. But dude – come on – show yourself some self-respect!

Critch: “Conducting business at a strip club.”
Jaffer: “Yeah – that was a bit of a surprise…”

Jaffer should have shut up at that point. But, oh no – he didn’t.

Jaffer: “I don’t remember any of the girls names if I was there…”

Does this sound a little – odd – to anyone but me? Why WOULD Jaffer remember the names of any of the girls at a strip club?

I admit that I have been to several strip clubs over the years and I never remembered ANY of their names. But then I was never overly familiar with any of the girls at these strip clubs either.

Is Jaffer inadvertently confessing that he usually gets to know these girls by name and perhaps better?

Critch: “Having busty hookers at a meeting.”
Jaffer: “Yeah, I – I was…

At this point the ever-egotistical Guregis who, fearing Jaffer was about to take credit for her meeting interrupted with “That was MY meeting that I was accused of them being at.”

Helena’s question and answer period with Critch had lasted only 20 seconds so it was natural that when Jaffer’s interview passed the ½ minute mark, Guergis felt the need to get the limelight and the cameras back on her.

The highlight of the show was the scene in which Guergis and Jaffer took Critch for a ride in their car.
Leaning forward Critch notices a bottle of Coca-Cola, picks it up and says, “There’s coke in the car, Rahim.”

Rahim comfortably laughs but Guergis was visibly NOT amused. “That’s not funny,” Helena scolded Critch. But of course it was.

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