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Happy Birthday To Me

Posted December 27, 2011 by jim young in Lifestyle

– jim young

Age is not a particularly interesting subject. Anyone can get old. All you have to do is live long enough. – Groucho Marx

I just turned 59 approximately eleven and a half hours ago as I write this.

It seems the older I get the more I think about my mortality.

I don’t dwell on the subject, I just want to know the likelihood of my ability to see any long-range goals I set for myself to its completion.

So I just took another internet life expectancy quiz on the internet (it seemed a pretty in-depth one) and it’s giving me a life expectancy of 83.23 years.

It appears by the url address that the University of Pennsylvania might have developed this.

More importantly there is a link on the page that will help you determine how much Life Insurance you need.

This link is sponsored by the Aussie Life Plan.

If a life insurance company is involved, you can be damned sure that it’s pretty accurate.

Insurance Companies do not like to fuck around with their money and take chances with having to make unnecessary pay outs.

A nice feature of this quiz provides you with the opportunity to see how you can extend your life expectancy if you improve your lifestyle in 8 categories.

Let’s look at the categories:


I already don’t smoke so I can’t do anything to extend my life there.


Contrary to what my family might tell you – I’m a pretty safe driver. What that means in terms of this questionnaire is, I always wear my seatbelt and I don’t drink and drive (anymore.)


Okay – so I have a few bad days at work now and again. Who doesn’t? (Not counting you retirees.) But basically I live a pretty stress free life. No improvement necessary in this category either.


The question to determine this factor asked how many of the 5 types of food in the Dietary Diversity List do I eat?

Of the 5 choices listed – dairy, meat, grain, fruit, vegetable, I answered 4.

Beer, after all, is a “grain” product isn’t it?

And french-fries and potato chips are vegetables are they not?

And surely the oranges and grapes that are the main ingredient in my weekend Orange Juice and Wine Breakfast drinks count as a fruits!

Okay – so being the objective type of guy I am, I’ll concede that this category may be a bit flawed when you look closely at all my dietary choices.

But reducing the number to 3 didn’t really change the overall results that much.

Increasing from 4 to 5 makes no difference while increasing from 3 to 5 would still only tack on less than an extra year to my life. I love my beer and wings so I’m not about to make any radical changes there.

Sexual Partners

If I give up all my sexual partners (which is just 1 these days), I can increase my life expectancy by .05 years. That’s 18.25 days. Yeah – that’s not gonna happen even if it gave me an extra 10 years!


If I cut back on my drinking, I can live to 83.56 years (120.45 days longer) – so not much incentive to change there either.


If I exercise more I can live to 85.74 years. The calculator didn’t say how much time I would have to spend exercising so I couldn’t weigh the factors of spending time doing something I don’t enjoy vs. the extra time it would give me. But hmmm – 2.51 years after I’ve already lived to 83.23 years? Not much reason to get up off the couch, if you ask me.


Sleeping 1 more hour a night, would extend my life expectancy by .29 years.

Let’s do the math on that one.

If I live until I’m 83.23 years – that would put me in the year 2035.

Since that’s not a leap year there would be 365 x 24 hours = 8,760 hours that year.

8,760 x .29 years = 2,540.4 hours or 105.85 days extra to live.

Between today and 2035 there are 24 years, 6 of which are leap years.

6 years x 366 = 2,196 days

18 years x 365 = 6,570 days

2,196 + 6,570 = 8,766 days

8,766 days x 24 hours = 210,384 hours

But if I sleep an hour more every day, I would be losing 8,766 hours over the next 23.23 years to gain 2540.4 hours.

This means I would, overall lose 8,766-2,540.4 = 6,225.6 hours or 259.4 days (.71 years) of my life to gain .29 years or 105.85 days.

It just doesn’t make sense to sleep more.

And that doesn’t even take into account that the extra 15 days a year are much more valuable to me now than they will be when I’m 83.23 years old

Time is not like money. It does not accrue interest no matter how you bank it. It might be wise to save your money – but you can’t save your time.

You have to spend it wisely and you have to spend it NOW!

So I look forward to my birthday wishes in the year 2035 and I will begin my 84-day count down then.

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    I’ll do the quiz and hopefully it will show that I’ll be around to wish you Happy Birthday that year.

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