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Harper Uses Boston Victims For Political Gain

Posted April 28, 2013 by jim young in Politics

– jim young

I am stuck on the Band-Aid Brand, ‘cause Band-Aid’s stuck on me. – Barry Manilow

Boston got a boo-boo.

It was a big mother-fucking boo-boo mind you, and all Prime Minister Harper can suggest is to put a Band-Aid on it.

Not that a Band-Aid isn’t needed.

Just as a young child needs a mother’s hug and kiss after the application of the Band-Aid, Boston – and more specifically the victims of last week’s tragedy at the Boston Marathon, need all the compassion, sympathy and love that we can muster.

But once the Band-Aid has been applied and the hugs and kisses have soothed the tears, the mother will search out the source of her child’s boo-boo and eliminate it to prevent it from happening again.

If her child’s boo-boo is the result of a broken piece of glass in the backyard, it may be as simple as disposing of the glass. But the prudent mother will likely also want to know how the glass got there in the first place and who was responsible for it being left there.

Apparently Prime Minister Harper is content to go about his business once the Band-Aid has been applied.

And worse – he would ridicule the mother for her further action just as he makes fun of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau for his suggestion that we try to find out what it is that makes a terrorist commit these crimes.

The Conservative Party seems to have made an assumption that because Trudeau is interested in the root cause, he had no compassion for the victims.

That’s quite a leap if you ask me.

Harper seems to prefer a tunnel vision approach to global problems such as terrorism. But that will do nothing to ensure the safety of our country and the world around us.

Trudeau on the other hand seems to be forward looking and taking a more pro-active approach.

Which action would you rather have the leader of our country take?

But what’s even worse is that Harper and the Conservative Party have taken the opportunity to use this misguided interpretation of Trudeau’s comments as part of their negative smear campaign against Trudeau.

And if Harper is that quick to use the tragedy in Boston for his own political gain I cannot help but question the sincerity of his compassion for the victims in the first place.

Whether Trudeau has the qualities to make a good leader or not remains to be seen.

But let’s hope that it takes more than the Conservative Party’s negative campaign to put it to the test.

Obviously the Conservatives have their own agenda and are not above using even the tragic events in Boston to further their cause.

And that’s just not right.

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