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Helena Guergis – A Walking Contradiction

Posted May 20, 2010 by jim young in Politics

– jim young

(She’s) a walking contradiction, partly truth and partly fiction.
– Kris Kristofferson

It doesn’t really seem that Helena Guergis, former Conservative MP and Junior Cabinet Minister for the Status of Women really knows what’s going on.

Otherwise she wouldn’t be continuously contradicting herself or at least putting herself in situations where it appears she is doing so.

First there was the Charlottetown meltdown for which she apologized only AFTER her temper tantrum became public. The apology might have seemed to be a bit more sincere had it been delivered before the press got hold of the story.

But to further demonstrate the insincerity of her apology, Guergis then bragged to associates that she could sue Air Canada for an invasion of her privacy.

In a recent interview on CBC with Peter Mansbridge Guergis admitted she reacts pretty much the same at all airports. “I didn’t recall saying that at all, but when I heard that I had said that, I know that I have said that about every single airport. For me, airports in general are hell-holes.”

Charlottetown and Air Canada will be happy to know that they shouldn’t take it personally. Apparently Helena’s just a bitch at every airport in every city with every airline.

Next came the letter writing campaign of praise from Helena’s aids, which Guergis claimed not to have known about. This, despite that every MP has a news clipping service to provide MPs with copies of newspaper articles written about them.

When challenged that Helena may have had a conflict of interest when she wrote to her cousin Tony Guergis, then Mayor of Springwater Township, to promote Wright Tech Systems Inc, Ms. Guergis was adamant that she had checked with her husband first to ensure that no conflict of interest existed.

The dates of documents recently made public show quite the opposite. If we’re to believe in the strong and honest relationship that Guergis claims to have with her husband, Rahim Jaffer, it is difficult to also believe that Guergis was not aware of her obvious conflict of interest.

Likewise when Jaffer was accused of using his wife’s parliamentary office and email accounts for his private business, Guergis, as well as Jaffer, insistently denied these allegations.

And once again only after recently released documents came to light, Guergis has conceded that it’s possible her husband may have actually committed both of these offences.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to put much faith in anything that comes out of Helena’s foul mouth.

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    I would like to add a few uotes from the DisHonourable Hurricane Helena herself!

    “Will the minister finally be accountable? Will the minister finally do the right thing and resign?”
    -Helena Guergis, Hansard, December 07, 2004

    “Mr.Speaker, it is time for the minister to stop hiding behind the Ethics Commissioner and to start accepting the resonsibilities that canadians demand. When will the disgraced and incompetant minister resign?”
    -Helena Guergis, December 08, 2004

    “Is she still claiming ingnorance, or will she finally claim her incompetance, rethink her answer of yesterday, and finally resign?”
    -Helena Guergis, Hansard, December 08, 2004


    How ironic that Guergis made those comments about someone else. Thanks for adding them.

    Click on this link for the full story about whom Guergis made those comments.


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