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Helena Guergis Admits She Is Stupid

Posted March 4, 2013 by jim young in Politics
Helena Guergis

– by jim young

Surely to goodness they (politicians) must be good for something? And the answer is… not much. But there are a few things, if they weren’t politicking a goodly number of them would be actively lawyering… – Brian Henderson, 1050 CHUM

Former MP Helena Guergis recently admitted she is stupid.
Well – we all knew that already didn’t we?

But it appears now that Guergis herself has come to terms with that.

Almost 3 years ago, Helena Guergis resigned (read was fired) from cabinet and left the Conservative Party amid serious allegations regarding her conduct. (Many of which had long been public knowledge.)

And while the RCMP could find no evidence of criminal wrongdoing (at least not enough to charge Guergis) Mary Dawson, the Ethics Commissioner ruled against the Guergis’ Conflict of Interest allegations. (This was not the first time Dawson had ruled against Guergis for improper conduct.)

After a failed attempt to run as an Independent Conservative the disgraced Guergis fled town and moved to her husband Rahim Jaffer’s former riding of Edmonton, Alberta where he had been similarly disgraced in 2008.

In Edmonton Guergis enrolled at the University of Alberta to study law.

(God help her future clients!)

Recently quoted on Simcoe.com in an interview email with The Connection, Guergis was quoted as saying, “I am enjoying the challenge. My student colleagues are the best and the brightest, as are the faculty members.”

My personal interpretation of that would be “Everyone there is smart but me. I’m stupid.”

But then I know Helena on a more personal level so perhaps I am drawing on more than just this statement to come to that conclusion.

And if I’m jumping to conclusions… well it wasn’t much more than a hopscotch-jump to get there.

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