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Helena Guergis: Educated Feminist!!!

Posted April 8, 2010 by jim young in Politics

– jim young

An “educated feminist!!!” is not how I would describe Helena Guergis.

“I am an educated feminist!!!” is Guergis in her own words – three exclamation marks and all.

It was a P.S. she added in a hand-signed typewritten letter (presumably typed herself) to me in response to a letter to the editor I had written in 1992.

(Just to set the record straight, let me say, I do not now nor have I ever worked for Guergis.)

I should point out that the letter from this self-proclaimed “educated feminist!!!” was filled with obvious grammatical and spelling errors.

One of the things that makes the letter she sent to me so interesting is the fact that Guergis didn’t hesitate to obtain an address to reach me by using questionable methods.

This, coming from a lady who recently threatened to sue Air Canada accusing an employee of theirs of invading her privacy.

(And I use the term “lady” as loosely as the “3 busty hookers” recently reported to be seen in the company of her husband Jaffer at a business meeting on the night he was arrested.)

Guergis apparently felt the Air Canada employee who reported her meltdown at the airport in P.E.I. had no right to “tell on her”. It was an invasion of her privacy. But she didn’t seem to mind obtaining my address from the newspaper that printed my letter to the editor. Shouldn’t that have been private information?

Wasn’t that an invasion of my privacy?

Guergis doesn’t seem to mind being a celebrity when the benefits and entitlements of being a celebrity work in her favour.

But when the proverbial shoe that she refused to take off at the airport is on the other foot, all of a sudden Guergis cries “foul”.

Hardly the cry of an “educated feminist!!!”

But that letter was written almost 18 years ago. You’d think Guergis would have grown up a bit by now wouldn’t you?

Let’s see how much Helena has matured by taking a look at the highlights of the ongoing Guergis soap opera over the past – YIKES – it’s been less than 2 months!!! (Note the 3 exclamation marks.)

Feb-19     Guergis has a temper tantrum at the Charlottetown Airport calling P.E.I. a “hell hole” and shouting “Happy fucking birthday to me.”

Feb-25    Guergis issues an after-the-fact apology only when news of the airport meltdown is released to the media.

Mar-09    Guergis’ husband Rahim Jaffer pleads guilty to careless driving in exchange for having charges of drunk driving and possession of cocaine dropped in a deal that even the Judge recognises as “a break” for Jaffer.
Mar-11    MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) requests answers from Ontario’s attorney general on why charges against Jaffer were dropped.

Mar-15    Guergis tells caucus members that she is considering suing Air Canada and the employee who “leaked” the information about her temper tantrum claiming it was a breach of privacy and that it was slander. (Excuse me but wouldn’t the accusations have to be FALSE for them to be considered slander? And if they were false – what exactly did Guergis apologise for?)

Mar-30    Guergis denies knowing that her staff was writing pro-Guergis letters-to-the editor. (Duh! Who else would write them?) Just after Guergis defends her position in the House of Commons it is discovered that this is not an isolated incident as other staffers were likewise involved in similar letter writing campaigns.

Apr-06    MP Marlene Jennings writes to the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner requesting an investigation of Guergis’ purchase of an $880,000 house in Ottawa, which appears to have been mortgaged for the full amount with no down payment.

Apr-08    The media reports that Guergis is trying to claim shoes, clothing and jogging outfits as campaign expenses for the 2008 election.

Apr-08    The media reports that on the night of his arrest, Jaffer, in the company of 3 hookers, negotiates contracts with an alleged conman by promising to “open up the Prime Minister’s Office”. Jaffer gives out his former MP business card although he has not been an MP since 2008. Jaffer’s website claims his business can help secure support from the Canadian government. The Conservative Party orders Jaffer to remove their logo from his site. The media also reveals Jaffer has been using a government Blackberry supplied to him by his wife Guergis to conduct business.

That’s all I have. But then as I write this it is still Apr-08.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

These don’t seem to be the actions of an “educated feminist!!!” to me.

But I don’t think Prime Minister Harper should ask Guergis to resign. I think this “educated feminist!!!” should be fired. And it needs to be done immediately.

Guergis – “educated feminist!!!” or not, is an embarrassment not just to the Conservative Party but to all politicians.

She is an embarrassment not just to her constituents but to all Canadians.

She is an embarrassment not just to “educated feminists!!!” but to all women.

In light of all that has transpired in such a short time, I can think of only one reason why Harper is reluctant to fire Guergis and in fact, why Guergis herself would not resign.

If Guergis can hang on to her position until June 28th, she will be entitled to a pension of $100,000 a year when she turns 55.

That means you and I will be paying for her $880,000 house in Ottawa.

Guergis may not be an “educated feminist!!!” but she’s not stupid. She knows how to use “the system” for her own selfish benefit.

– 30 –