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Helena Guergis: From Beauty Queen To Drama Queen

Posted April 13, 2010 by jim young in Politics

(The Rise & Fall of an “Educated Feminist!!”)

– jim young

I remember the first time I met Helena. Maybe “met” isn’t the proper word.

I could say it was the first time I was introduced to Helena, but it was not a personal introduction either, it was an introduction into who Helena Guergis is.

Let me explain. It was October in 1990. Twenty-one year old Helena Guergis sat in the witness stand in a Barrie Courthouse. I had a special interest in the case that was being tried so I sat in the courtroom as an observer.

Guergis had been called in as a surprise witness for the defence in a wife assault trial.

That’s right Helena Guergis, former Minister of State for the Status of Women was the star witness for the common-law husband who stood accused of assaulting his wife.

Ms. Guergis, in her squeaky, little girl, Betty Boop-like voice even then, told her tale of what she allegedly witnessed from her vantage point.

Her story was a radically different description of the events than the version I had been provided with.

Right then I knew there was something I didn’t like about Ms. Guergis. Aside from what was obvious to me, I couldn’t really put my finger on it, but sometimes your gut feelings can be your best advisor.

A full two years later, I watched the recently crowned Miss Huronia (Guergis) in the news as she was attempting to raise money for women’s shelters in Barrie, Orillia and Midland by walking from Midland to Angus.

To be sure this was a very honourable venture but what was often not being reported by the media was that a portion of the money raised by Guergis was to be used to finance her entry to the “Miss Canada Universe Pageant”.

This seemed to be somewhat deceitful to me. To be fair, Ms. Guergis later provided me with a copy of what she told me was the Press Release she had provided to the media along with a letter that claimed “I have never tried to hide where all funds were going. All media received a press release and if they do not want to print it then that was there (sic) choice.”

So why was Ms. Guergis so upset that I wrote a letter to the editor to clarify where the money being raised was going?

Even before my letter to the editor was printed, I received phone calls from 2 of Ms. Guergis’ family members. When I inquired as to where they obtained my phone number, they declined to tell me. Of course it was obvious to me they had received this private information from somehow having obtained an advance copy of my letter to the editor.

The alleged purpose of their calls was to express their disappointment in what I had written in my letter to the editor. (Remember – this letter to the editor had not yet been published.) But to me there was a definite underlying message.

Both family members bragged to me of their wealth saying they could easily finance Ms. Guergis’ trip to the “Miss Canada Universe Pageant”.

One of these callers told me he had donated $1,000 to Ms. Guergis walk and yet it was later reported that “no more than a couple of hundred dollars had been donated”.

Following her walk, Ms. Guergis entered into written correspondence with me to express her disappointment with my letter to the editor as her 2 family members had previously done by phone.

The strange thing was Ms. Guergis’ letters referred to comments in my letter to the editor that had been edited out prior to being published by the paper.

Guergis also addressed her letter to the home of a relative of mine, which once again could have only been obtained from an original copy of my letter sent to the paper.

I remind you these events took place in late 1992. It seems obvious that Ms. Guergis learned to use some underhanded methods that apparently she picked up from some of her family members to get what she wanted even then.

Who knows how much more “education” in deception Ms. Guergis has picked up along the way? I’m certain we will see her at her “finest” in the coming weeks as Ms. Guergis tries to wiggle her way out of this one.

– 30 –