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Helena Guergis Is Barking Up The Wrong Tree

Posted May 21, 2012 by jim young in Politics

– jim young

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” – Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Act III, Scene II

When I say Guergis is ‘barking up the wrong tree”, I don’t mean in a “Dog On A Root” sense, but more of a “bitch” perspective.

The whole crux of Helena’s lawsuit against Prime Minister Harper, former Chief of Staff to the Prime Minster, Guy Giorno and various other Conservative officials relies on her accusation of defamation of character.

Of course that also relies on the presupposition that Ms Guergis even possessed any kind of character in the first place that could be defamed.

The letter that the Prime Minister’s Office sent to the federal ethics commissioner has been released and it appears there was no mention of Guergis’ alleged cocaine use or association with busty hookers – two of the supposed elements that, Guergis has the misguided perception, led to her “downfall”.

All that the ethics commissioner was asked to look into was Helena’s alleged conflict of interest, which although not proven in a court of law, is now generally accepted to be a fact.

And granted, the information that Prime Minster Harper provided to the RCMP, which led to an independent investigation, has not been disclosed, but isn’t that really the point?

If that information has NOT been disclosed where is the defamation of character?

Especially since the RCMP found insufficient evidence to continue an investigation?

(And let’s not forget that “insufficient evidence to investigate” does not equate to “innocence”.)

So what’s your fucking problem, Helena?

There are only two people that have led to any defamation of character of you – and that is you and your loser husband, Rahim Jaffer!

So maybe Helena would be better off trying to sue her husband, Jaffer.

Or the press that reported all these allegations that she seems to be trying much too hard to deny.

Let’s see how either of those lawsuits would go.

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