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Helena Guergis, Poor Little Rich Girl Has Temper Tantrum At Airport

Posted February 25, 2010 by jim young in Politics

– jim young

Disclaimer: In describing the recent misconduct and temper tantrum of Conservative MP Helena Guergis at an airport in P.E.I., please note that despite Guergis’ apology, the specific details of Guergis’ actions below are only alleged. As per Joan Bryden of the Canadian Press, the allegations reportedly come from an anonymous letter sent to P.E.I. Liberal MP Wayne Easter who, after investigating the incident was quoted as saying “There’s no question the letter’s absolutely accurate.”

For the purposes of clarity and readability I have omitted such phrases as “alleged” or “reportedly” etc when describing these events below.

Transport Minister John Baird announced today, a surcharge to airline tickets will be introduced to help cover costs for new security procedures at airports in Canada.

While some are calling it a tax and crying “foul” after the Conservatives promised not to raise taxes, Baird is justifying the surcharge as user fees that passengers should pay to fly safely.

The flaw in this kind of reasoning of course is, it is not the over 99% of law-abiding passengers that are creating the need for these security measures. So just how is this surcharge different from a tax?

If in fact, it is a user fee in the true definition of the term, shouldn’t the user fees be charged to those that are creating the need for the security?

I challenge the Conservatives to “put their money where their mouth is” and in a show of good faith they could start by charging user fees to one of their own, Helena Guergis, the Conservative MP who recently broke all the rules while trying to board a flight in PEI.

Enter the guilty plea. Guergis has already issued an apology, admitting that her behaviour was inappropriate.

That “behaviour” started out with Guergis expecting preferential treatment when she and her aide showed up at the Air Canada ticket counter just 5 minutes before boarding.

The rest of us “little people” are expected to show up 2 hours prior to boarding.

When reminded of that rule Guergis shouted, “I don’t need to be lectured about flight time by you. I’ve been down here working my ass off for you people.”

Refusing at first to remove her shoes, as the rest of us “little people” are required to do, Guergis finally complied while stating “Happy fucking birthday to me. I guess I’m stuck on this hell hole.”

Nice behaviour coming from the minister of state for the status of women, not to mention a little more than condescending to the people of P.E.I. that she was there working her ass off for, don’t you think?

Guergis was also told her carry-on luggage was oversize and should be checked, just like the rest of us “little people” are expected to do.

Despite all her tantrums, Guergis and her aide were still permitted to board. Any one of us “little people” would surely have been denied.

Told to wait for an Air Canada representative, Guergis then tried to force open a locked door and began screaming and banging on the glass.

As Wayne Easter pointed out, “anybody else would have been arrested”, which leads to the obvious question, “Just why WASN’T Guergis arrested, like any of us “little people” would have been?”

So here’s your chance, Mr. Baird, to prove that your surcharge really is a user fee and not a tax. Please apply this new user fee to Helena Guergis and demonstrate that politicians are NOT above the law and must accept responsibility for his or her own actions – just as we “little people” are required to do. 

– 30 –

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    Are you kidding? the last time I checked we were still on earth and society ( which I affectionately call gullible assholes ) are still voting. The men in gov`t are bad enough but the women, the WOMEN!!! Holy Fuck, all she has to say to redeem herself is those dreaded five words. ” I have a WOMAN problem “. The men who could admonish her would suddenly look down and find something particularly interesting about their shoes and the women who could admonish her would suddenly group together and in hushed tones whisper, ” oh the poor dear, does anyone have a tissue, a Midol, I know, lets just give her a group hug “. The bile rises!!! She can do any fucking thing she wishes and the ” little people ” can shut the fuck up. That is the ” little people ” who had the ” apples ‘ to say anything in the first place. Most of the sheep of society would just say ” the poor thing, why are they picking on her? “. A seat in Canadian gov`t is Carte Blanche , my friend.

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