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Here Come Da Judge

Posted March 15, 2008 by jim young in Lifestyle
Here Come Da Judge

– by jim young

Recent media reports seemed concerned that the Taurus Judge may find its way into the wrong hands in Canada.

For those of you that haven’t yet heard the Taurus is a revolver that holds five .45 calibre slugs or .410 shotgun shells. It is appropriately named the “The Judge” because a number of Judges carry this model into the courtroom. (Presumably in the U.S.)

But despite all the hype, I’m not concerned.

Why not you ask?

Because a few years ago Canada introduced gun control legislation to protect us from guns.

They did that by taking away guns from many law-abiding citizens.

And those law-abiding citizens that wanted to keep their guns were all put through rigorous screening and testing and were then required to fill out applications and pay hefty fees to keep their guns.

And whenever a gun related crime is committed in Canada, one of our politicians will jump on the band wagon and call for even more gun control legislation to take even more rights away from our law-abiding citizens and make us all feel even safer.

Now, if we can just figure out a way to get the “criminals” to also abide by all these gun laws – maybe we’ll solve the real problem and won’t need to keep introducing more useless legislation that’s just blowing smoke in the public’s face.

Here’s an idea. How about automatic jail time with long sentences, no second chance and no parole for anyone convicted of using a gun when committing a crime?

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