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Holy Shootings, Batman!

Posted July 23, 2012 by jim young in Lifestyle

– jim young

A man walks into a movie theatre and opens fire on a bunch of Batman fans.

This sounds like the beginning of a good joke, but you’ve probably already figured out, it’s not.

With 12 people dead and 54 injured, it’s hardly a laughing matter.

And when it was all over, unlike most shootings of this kind, the guy that shot all these people – oops – allegedly shot all these people – was captured alive.

Most psychos (it should be noted that he hasn’t officially been declared a psycho at this point – but, I mean – come on – really!) of this kind are either shot and killed by police or commit suicide shortly after.

And that saves the taxpayers a lot of money.

But this guy was serious. He wore full protective body armour to ensure the police wouldn’t injure him and bobby trapped his apartment to make certain the police wouldn’t be able to find any evidence. Except it didn’t work.

As psychos of this kind – I mean alleged psychos of this kind are often wont to do, he just had to tell someone. And since the only people that were around at this point were cops – he told them about the booby traps.

When I saw a picture of him in court today with his dyed reddish-orange hair, a co-worker remarked, “I wonder why he did it?” (She was being politically incorrect. She should have said, “I wonder why he allegedly did it?”)

I couldn’t help myself. I suggested maybe he was tired of being called a clown all his life and just snapped.

Okay – so it’s a little bit funny. I believe there has to be an element of humour in everything.

But then I wondered to myself, “if most psychos (alleged or real) of this kind are either killed at the scene or commit suicide shortly after, is there some satisfaction by the surviving victims, family of the victims or the people in Colorado themselves derived from having someone, anyone to stand trial and accept responsibility for these actions?”

Does the angry mob with flaming torches and pitchforks really care whether or not the monster is chased off the cliff and falls to his death? Or do they want to lynch him themselves?

The state of Colorado has the death penalty and, if found guilty, James Eagan Holmes may or may not be put to death.

And why shouldn’t he be? (Assuming all this alleged stuff is more than alleged.)

Perhaps it would have been a lot simpler if this monster had just fallen off the cliff.

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