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I Love My Jeans

Posted February 25, 2009 by jim young in Lifestyle

– by jim young

“I love my jeans, I love my jeans. My jeans are so comfortably lovely.”
                 – Donovan

My Shirley finally convinced me to buy a new pair of jeans. I love my old jeans and am always very reluctant to give them up no matter how tattered and torn they have become.

It’s almost like I have a relationship with my jeans.

We’ve been through a lot together; my jeans and I and I just don’t want to part with them. It’s like saying goodbye to an old friend.

It doesn’t help that most jeans cost $50 a pair. I remember paying just $20 a pair back in the 60s. Why don’t they make those ones anymore?

So when we rolled up the rim at Country Style Donuts to find a $20 certificate for Mark’s Work Wearhouse My Shirley invoked Carpe Diem to drag me shopping for new jeans.

Of course once we’re in the store, My Shirley will insist that I get 2 pair because she knows it’s going to be a long time before she can get me back there again.

But they didn’t have 2 pair of the same make in my size. In fact they didn’t have 2 pair of the same size of any of the style of jeans I wanted – period.

I like to make as few trips to the dressing room as possible. So off I went with 2 pairs of jeans by 2 different manufacturers – one with a size 40 waist and the other with a size 42 waist hoping that 1 would fit.

My Shirley didn’t seem at all surprised when I returned from the dressing room to announce that both sizes fit about the same. If anything, the size 42 jeans were a little tighter on me than were the size 40 jeans.

“Different clothes manufacturers,” My Shirley patiently explained to me “have different sizes.”

I’m not sure which bothered me more; that the textile industry can get away with this or that we the consumers just accept it.

It’s not like I was purchasing a shirt that was labeled large, medium or small. I can appreciate that might be open to interpretation; especially when you add extra-large and extra-small into the mix.

But waist size – being measured in inches – is a precise measurement. A 40 inch waist in a pair of jeans should be labeled 40 not 42.

And why isn’t the Department of Weights and Measures concerned about this?

In California in 1995, Heinz ketchup was charged with under filling their 20 ounce bottles of Ketchup and forced to overfill their bottles for the next 12 months. They ended up giving away 78,000 gallons of free Ketchup at a cost of over $650,000.

I would like to challenge the Department of Weights and Measures to conduct a full investigation into the textile industry to right this wrong.

And as a recommended corrective action, may I suggest the textile industry be forced for the next 12 months to sell their $50 jeans for $20 like they did in the 60s.

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    Ever since clothing companies like Levi , G.W.G. ( do they still make those? ) and Lee started ” farming out ” to countries like Korea , China , Taiwan etc. , who knows what size is what? That`s actually why dressing rooms were invented. The Koreans certainly don`t know , you know why , Koreans only come in one size. Their shirts come in s , m , lg , and ex lg. but the only thing that changes is the width. It seems no matter how big a Korean gets their arms are always the same length , SHORT . Trust me , buy an ex lg Korean shirt and you can take Timmy and Janie camping for the weekend. Hell , you`ll even have room for the wife and ol` Gord the dog. Be thankful for the lowly Korean . If it wasn`t for him you`d be paying a hell of a lot more than $50 for your jeans if they were made in this country. A 42″ waist!!! , ever hear of weight watchers?


    Get the fuck out of here! Dressing rooms were invented so hidden cameras could be installed and the tapes sold on porno sites.

    But seriously, overseas manufacturing or not – do you think they would let bootleg DVDs into our great country just because the Chinese could produce them cheaper?

    And just try to package one less gram into a kilo of heroin. Think you could get away with that?

    I’m just saying maybe we could have some standardization.

    And as far as that hurtful remark about weight watchers, I have just one word for you. Overindulgence. It’s a Canadian birthright.


    The article is ver good. Write please more


    Glad you enjoy them. Keep checking back – I hope to have a few more up in a couple of days.

    Amy Young

    So, in conclusion, if a certain daughter-in-law were to purchase a pair of jeans for you, perhaps a size 44, just to be safe, with a size large belt… or, I guess that would be up for interpretation as well?!
    PS…can Canmore, Alberta now be added to your list?
    Keep writing!!


    Just to be safe, why not buy me track pants? That way if they’re too small – they’ll stretch. And if they’re too big – I’ll just throw them in the dryer until they shrink to fit.

    Belt? Have you ever tried to put a belt around a pear-shaped object? It just slips right off. I use suspenders.

    Technically your IP returns Calgary. But since I got Greg’s email, I’ll give credit to both Calgary & Canmore in my list.

    Thanks for your support.

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