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I Shot The Sheriff…

Posted March 30, 2013 by jim young in Politics

– jim young

“I shot the sheriff, but I didn’t shoot the deputy.” – Bob Marley

Helena Guergis has been ordered to pay court costs incurred by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, The Conservative Party former Chief of Justice Guy Giorno and several other cabinet ministers and staff for her failed attempt to sue them last year for wrongful dismissal citing conspiracy by Harper and his posse.

It was a frivolous lawsuit at best and one has to suspect that perhaps Guergis was acting against her legal counsel’s better judgement in pursuing the lawsuit in the first place.

It certainly wouldn’t be out of character for Guergis to act out as if she is a member of some “privileged elite” that is above the rules that the rest of us might be expected to live by.

What bothers me about this ruling is that the defendants of the lawsuit had asked for $228,000 in damages but were only awarded $118,560.

Why the $109,440 discrepancy?

It wasn’t because the Prime Minster et al padded their costs.

Instead Justice Charles T. Hackland ruled “costs would not be payable to multiple counsel putting forward an identical position”.

Huh? I don’t get that.

While Helena Guergis may continue an infinite pattern of stupid behavior, surely there are only a finite number of ways to demonstrate her stupidity for any given act.

So if each defense required legal counsel to demonstrate The Guergis’ Stupidity factor then surely there is going to be an overlap.

What would have happened if Harper had told HIS lawyer that he was only paying a portion of his fees because Giorno’s lawyer was using the same defense?

If I shoot the sheriff and then use as my defense that I shot the deputy – would I only have to pay my defense lawyer a portion of his fees because Bob Marley thought of that defense first?

Judge Hackland is only contributing to Helena Guergis’ delusions of belonging to a class of privileged elite.

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