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It’s Daytime!

Posted October 25, 2012 by Carter in Lifestyle

– Carter Stack

Victor is three.

The world is a special place when you are three.
Everything is new but not brand new.
For example the sun may not be new to you but a sunrise could be.

Victor was staying over for the weekend and since he is a big boy he gets to sleep on the couch in the living room. Mainly so Grandma Bwana and Grandpa Carter can get some sleep in the bedroom. Early the next morning we can hear the proverbial pitter patter of little feet in the front room where the couch is. Next, there is the sound of the curtains sliding open and after a moments hesitation there is a gleeful and excited announcement that, “It’s Daytime!”

That was such a contrast to what was going on in my head. Although I was still in our warm, comfortable bed, next to the woman I love I was thinking, “Damn, I have to get up and get ready for work.” You know the mindset that tells you, “Don’t even try to think before you have your first coffee.” We joke about it at work and convince ourselves that morning is a drag. “Another day another dollar”. Victor wasn’t thinking like that.

Victor had the right approach. When Victor came into the bedroom to repeat his energetic and joyful, “It’s Daytime!” Bwana and I were immediately transformed. We smiled and joined in. “It is! It is Daytime!” The rest of the morning was basically our usual daily routine but with a different outlook. The three year old’s energy and enthusiasm completely refocused the day.

The “Daytime” effect was contagious.
When I got to work I told the story to Lauretta, my boss, she laughed and it seemed to change her day for the better. The story spread and for a couple of weeks you could hear, “It’s Daytime.” greetings around the office.

Then it changed from a general exclamation into a personal announcement.
Lauretta walked in the back door one morning and was greeted by a loud and cheerful, “Hey Everybody! Look, Lauretta is Here!”
Lauretta had been a million miles away mentally when she came into work. First she looked around to see if someone was behind her and when she realized that is was just a friendly greeting she smiled and carried on.

Natasha had been off sick for several days and received a “Hey everybody” welcome. She smiled and looked at me as if to say, “Thanks, you idiot.” Next to her Marsha turned around and asked, “Where’s my, “Hey everybody.”? So, We said, “Hey everybody!” to Marsha the next morning.

Everybody like to feel special, even if it is a little corny.

It’s amazing the things we can learn from watching a three year old: laugh, play and enjoy the joy of the simple things. Like the sun coming up.

(Just a caution before you try this at work. A person may go from distracted to amused, or even pleasantly surprised.
They will not go from foul tempered to anything but foul tempered. You may want to prepared to duck if you try this on someone.)


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