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It’s The Principle Of The Thing

Posted September 12, 2009 by jim young in Business

– jim young

Awhile ago we bought a second car. For years we were a one vehicle family. My wife and I work together, do our shopping together and spend all our free time together so we really only need 1 vehicle – a minivan

When we bought a 1994 Bonneville SLE it was just for the prestige. Mostly the Bonneville sits in the garage and we only take it out when we feel like showing off or going for a ride in style.

So even though we have 2 vehicles – 99% of the time we only have 1 on the road at a time.

When we went to insure the Bonneville I advised the insurance company that I would be the principle driver. As I was already listed as the principle driver on the van, I was told that I could not be the principle driver on both vehicles and my wife would have to be listed as the principle driver on the Bonneville.

It didn’t make a difference to our premiums so you might ask what do I care?

I care, because it’s not right.

I AM the principle driver of BOTH vehicles so why is my insurance company forcing me to commit fraud by declaring my wife as principle driver of one?

My wife will drive either vehicle on occasion, which makes her an occasional driver of both. But as I am the main driver of both vehicles most of the time, I am in fact the PRINCIPLE driver of both.

Are there no single people that own more than 1 vehicle? Who is listed as principle driver on their second vehicles?

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