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Just Another Semi-Rant

Posted July 6, 2009 by jim young in Religion/Philosophy

– Steve

As I was checking the Barrie weather today I happened to notice one of those annoying little windows that pop up along the side of the page. It was all about the “marvels” of traveling by VIA rail. Just for fun I followed the links to see just how fucking extreme MY “comfort” would be. You know it’s coming, you just know I had to do it, so please try to bear with me. Rah, fucking Rah! They finally wiped out every last, possible tiny nook on the train where one could smoke. I know, the dreaded smoking issue, blah, blah, blah but a couple of things from my own experiences and not my experiences (thank Larry) came to mind. First tho, congratulations to mother fucking VIA and the powers that be.

I’ve traveled Canada four ( ? ) times that I can remember , by train. I have covered the cheapest (now called COMFORT class, what a fucking dream that is) to the Park Car. I was young when I first started my train adventures and traveled reeeaaalll cheap. I saying that, I would have it no other way. It might have been a miserable way to go but being in the ” rubby ” bar car afforded me meeting the real rounders of Canada who could regale you with their fascinating stories that I wouldn’t miss out on for the world. Little round tables, lots of beer, air blue with smoke and always a tale of some sort. They were good people and good fun (not a fucking child in sight).

Now, even if wee Timmy never even went near that car the smoke would bother his wee eyes and what WOULD mummy and daddy do? It was a slow process but even the people who were paying, lets face it, exorbitant prices, were squeezed from their tiny smoking nook in the bar car. Even on our last trip, the woman and her three small kids in the room only J & S Young can afford, didn’t complain about smoking. I did however, hear a lot of complaints from the mother fuckers in the cheap seats coming back to OUR car because THEIR dome car was full. In the early days, this practice wasnt even allowed, the elite were given their due. Train travel is over for me but I do wonder……..

What about those old bastards that BUILT the railroad so ALL could use it. You know, the guys that faced brutal heat, chilling cold , mosquitoes and black flies in clouds and the size of Cessna’s, the rattle snakes, the dizzying heights, the cruel working conditions. Ill bet they had one thing in common, Ill bet every last mother fucking one of them smoked and they would no longer, these days, even be able to ride in comfort on the train they lived and died building.

I’d like to say I’ll never bring up the smoking thing again but every time I try to ignore it, someone punches me in the face with it.

That reminds me, we want to drive up to Port Hardy (you better be ” hardy” to go there) this summer. Mandy grew up there and there are some cool historical sites like one of the original Hudson Bay posts, still standing (kinda). As this is one town where the sun shines two days a year and it rains the other 363 days I cant imagine it being a tourist mecca. There are, surprisingly, a couple of decent hotels. I leafed through the phone book the other day to find a place we might spend the night. One of the hotels looked good to me but then I noticed they went to all the mother fucking trouble to put, RIGHT IN THEIR AD, “We operate under a no smoking policy”.

What! In Port Hardy? Can you afford to actually CHASE people away? This, a place where rugged fishermen and hunters go! Ill bet little Timmy and little Janie are nowhere within a hundred miles of there. What the fuck? If they think Im going to stay there they can suck my dick.


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