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Justin – We’re Watching Now

Posted January 17, 2016 by jim young in Lifestyle

– jim young

“The Liberal Party is committed to legalizing and regulating marijuana; controlling it in a way that is going to protect our kids and remove criminal elements from it.  And we’re going to get started on that right away.” – Justin Trudeau, 2015

Trudeau made those comments in B.C. shortly before the election that brought the Liberal Party into power last October.

But who would’ve ever expected ANY elected official was actually going to make good on a campaign promise?

And the wheels were in motion less than a month after Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party came into power.

But now it seems those wheels may be grinding to a halt.

The legalization of marijuana in Canada seems to be in conflict with some International Treaties.

Why the fuck would we allow ANY country to tell us how to run our country?

It wouldn’t be the first time the Canadian Government has broken a treaty though – so perhaps we should just move on.

Last year in B.C., Trudeau was also reported as saying, “We will learn from the best practices of jurisdictions around the world who have moved forward…”

I hope the United States wasn’t one of the “jurisdictions around the world” that Trudeau had in mind.

Because ironically, the U.S. Federal Government may be one of our biggest obstacles.

According to an article on CBCNews:

“If the Republicans win the White House in November, the opposition will be even stronger in a country where some see legalizing pot ‘as the thin edge of the wedge,’ said (Errol) Mendes, (a constitutional and international law expert at the University of Ottawa.)”

“It will be an ongoing dialogue which has to be dealt with at the highest levels, and it’s not going to be an easy one, and it’s not going to be a quick one either. It’s going to take many years.” Mendes went on to say.

What the fuck? Isn’t THAT just a little bit hypocritical of the U.S.?

Almost half (23 out of 50) states have legalized marijuana in some form.

Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and the District of Columbia have legalized the recreational use of marijuana.

Other states have legalized marijuana for medical use while advocates believe another 11 states could legalize the recreational use of marijuana in the near future.

And yet the U.S. is going to stand in OUR way for the legalization of marijuana?

The U.S. doesn’t have a very good track record when it comes to interfering in the politics of other countries.

I just hope Justin has some of his father’s balls when it comes time to make his stand.

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    I am willing to bet that we will have legalization of marijuana, sooner than we expect.
    I also expect that there will be a price to pay for Trudeau to carry out this promise. The cost may be shutting down the tar sands, or shipping all that oil directly to the states. It could be loosen up, or tightening, some clauses in the trade agreement. It could be diverting our clean water to south of the border. Whatever it is, there will be a cost.


    Krusty – I hope you are right that the legalization of marijuana will come sooner than we expect.

    And I hope you are wrong that there will be a hefty price to pay.

    Like everything – there will likely be some cost – but let’s hope Trudeau won’t sell the farm to buy this option.

    The majority of Canadians have put their trust in Trudeau to negotiate a fair deal.

    But it all comes back to – just how big are Justin’s balls?

    Time will tell.

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