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Life’s Lessons Through The Eyes Of Steve

Posted July 29, 2009 by jim young in Lifestyle

– jim young

They say “you can pick your friends but you can’t pick your family.”

(You thought there was going to be something about noses in there, didn’t you?)

But they were wrong.

I picked my family.

I picked my family to be my friends.

This is about one of them in particular.

Shit! As soon as I wrote that last line I realized what a can of worms I had just opened, so let me take a moment to make amends.

For the rest of you that this isn’t about, it doesn’t diminish our friendship, okay?

When it’s your birthday – maybe I’ll write something about you too.

Or maybe not.

Most likely not.

(The only saving grace here is that most of my family/friends never read what I write anyway.)

This is about Steve – not you. You’ll get your turn someday.

Unless I forget or I run out of time.

Oh damn. Now you made me give the surprise away.

So I might as well say it now, “Happy Birthday, Steve”.

Steve has been my best friend pretty much all my life.

Even as a young boy, I looked up to Steve. And not just because he was always much taller than I.

I looked up to him in the – you know – admiring sorta way. (And that’s as mushy as this article gets.)

Except for brief sojourns here and there when we lost touch, Steve & I have remained best friends wherever we’ve been from Stroud to Oro, from Barrie to B.C.

Steve was there to teach me some very valuable lessons. Like the importance of “gum-chewing” day in public school. The teacher allowed us 1 day a month that we could chew gum in class. If you got caught chewing gum on any of the other days – you weren’t allowed to chew gum on “gum-chewing” day. Steve quickly saw the flaw in this plan and confided his theory to me.

We would chew gum whenever we had it and if we got caught – we weren’t allowed to chew gum on “gum-chewing” day. So while the rest of the suckers in our class who obeyed the rules could only chew gum 1 day of the month – Steve and I found a loophole that allowed us to chew gum on every other day of the month.

That’s the brilliant kind of mind that Steve has.

When we were older, Steve had his own landscaping business. And life’s lessons through the eyes of Steve continued.

Steve taught me that if your buddy tells you he won’t drop you out of the fully raised bucket of a front-end loader, he’s probably lying.

Steve also taught me that if you don’t want to be dropped out of the fully raised bucket of a front-end loader – why did you climb into it in the first place?

And most importantly Steve taught me that if your buddy is dropping you out of the fully raised bucket of a front-end loader – you’re going to fall. So you might as well just pick your spot; take the jump gracefully and minimize the damage rather than hanging on to the last minute and landing on your head; all the while shaming yourself by screaming “Don’t Steve, Don’t” like a girl reading from the first grade primer of “Dick & Jane”.

I know I have many more memories of things Steve taught me but unfortunately various concussions over the years prevent them from coming to mind at the moment. Or maybe it’s the beer.

So if you have a friend like Steve – one that is willing to take the time to educate you in the ways of the real world when no one else will – raise a glass with me now in a toast to Steve.

Happy Birthday, Steve.

– 30 –


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