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Love and Facebook

Posted January 16, 2016 by jim young in Lifestyle

“I thought Facebook was only true in fairy tales…” – with apologies to Neil Diamond

Facebook is like Love.

The more you share it, the more it grows.

And just as one who has never been “in Love”, might disavow any valuable attributes of Love, so too will one who has never been “in Facebook” disavow any of its valuable attributes.

Or maybe they’ve been “in Facebook” and have had a bad experience which has left them embittered.

Many people have become disillusioned with Facebook just as they have become disillusioned with Love.

Rod McKuen once wrote that “Love at best, is giving what you need most to get.”

Facebook is like that.

People will often share any cute stories, photos and apps – not because they may be something of particular interest to the person they are sharing them with – but because they are of particular interest to the person doing the sharing.

Like falling “in Love”, when you first fall “in Facebook” you have a tendency to think the world is a better, cheerier place. But just as pheromones wear off in Love so too the passion for Facebook diminishes over time.

Love OR Facebook can often drive one to inappropriate behaviour and when you mix Love AND Facebook together the potential for disaster increases exponentially.

The venues for announcing to the world of a new found love or mourning an unrequited love turn the expression “Front Page News” into a reality.

Acts of stalking and revenge become much more powerful when the two are mixed.

And just as you can’t take back your Love once expressed – you can’t take back Facebook.

Like an undying Love – Facebook is there forever and ever.

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