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“Man-Showers” Getting Popular

Posted July 6, 2008 by jim young in Lifestyle

– jim young

See? This is the problem with trying to be liberal, open-minded and willing to accept change. Things always go too far.

I didn’t have a problem with women fighting for equal rights. What the hell? It just makes sense.

But why does bringing women UP to men’s status have to involve bringing men DOWN to becoming nothing more than a bunch of sissies.

“’Man-Showers’ Getting Popular” was the headline in the Barrie Examiner recently. Some pussy-whipped father of a feminist bride decided his future son-in-law was being left out of all the festivities so the father planned a “man shower” for the groom.

Guess what Dad? Guys want to be left out of all this bull-shit. And truth be known – so do the brides! So do the bride’s girlfriends, as do their family, co-workers and just about everyone else that gets caught up in these age-old traditions that no longer have any real meaning in today’s society and have turned into money-grabbing, gift-getting, silly-hat wearing tea parties.

What bride-to-be today hasn’t already set-up house either on her own or with her husband-to-be? She already has all the tea towels, silver-ware and tea-cosies she needs.

The Bridal Showers true need existed in the days when a young bride left the home of her father to set-up house with her new husband.

Today a new bride is likely to have not only her own household furnishings, but also those that her new husband is bringing into the relationship. And if not that, she will likely be contributing over half of what all of her ex-husbands had to cough up in the divorce settlements.

YOU CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS!!!! You are either helpless members of the fairer sex that need the support of not just men but also the rest of the members of your community – or you are self-sufficient equals that can provide for yourself.

Bringing men DOWN to your level is NOT the way to equality.

No self-respecting guy about to make his way into the world doesn’t already own a set of screw-drivers, a hammer and Dewar power tools that he’s bought, borrowed or stole and now proudly claims as his own.

Gee – do you think Canadian Tire or Home Depot just might be behind this new trend?

Come on ladies. If you really want to hang onto your age old traditions for the sake of tradition – that’s up to you. But please don’t drag us into it.

By definition Men cannot be bridesMAIDS and women cannot be groomsMEN. Showers are for ladies and Stags are for men. I don’t make up the rules. I just enjoy them.

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    I’m glad I checked out your site. You make some good points,funny stuff.


    Thanks for dropping by, Ryan. I hope you’ll keep coming back to check things out.

    (Don’t forget to tell all your friends too.)

    And feel free to make comments – whether you agree or disagree with any of my points.

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