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Mansbridge: One On “A Half Wit”. An Interview With Helena Guergis

Posted May 10, 2010 by jim young in Politics

– jim young

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about”, Guergis repeated over and over in her CBC interview with Peter Mansbridge. You would think she would have a clue by now.

Peter Mansbridge tried to downplay Guergis’ meltdown at the Charlottetown Airport in PEI, saying he’s seen worse after viewing the airport security tapes that caught Helena’s temper tantrum.

But that’s hardly a defence for an MP. Does the “lesser of 2 evils” mean anything to Guergis?

And it’s pretty hard to have much sympathy for Guergis when she continues to insist that her husband Jaffer never used her parliamentary office and email for business when published documents from her own email account prove otherwise.

If Guergis has no reservations in lying when the proof of her lies is easily found on the Internet, of course she’s going to lie about everything else.

Guergis also admitted that family should stick together even when they’ve done something wrong.

Was she admitting that she is sticking by Jaffer even though HE has done wrong?

Or that her political family (the Conservatives) should be sticking by her even though SHE has done wrong?

Guergis and Jaffer were both wrong. Perhaps they deserve each other.

Guergis continues to insist that Jaffer told her he had no interest in Wright Tech.

We have seen the documented proof that her letter of recommendation to her cousin, Tony Guergis, then mayor of Springwater Township was sent at a time when Jaffer in fact WAS still involved with Wright Tech.

Either Guergis is lying about knowing about her conflict of interest or Jaffer lied to his wife about his involvement. And if Jaffer lied to his wife about that, I would think she would be a little more reluctant to believe some of his other stories.

Guergis said in the interview, if she has done something wrong she will accept the consequences.

Helena! It’s time you started to do more accepting and less whining.

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