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Mark Thompson – The New “Guy” From Cool Stories In Music

Posted March 25, 2014 by jim young in Media

Several years ago, out of the blue, I received a call at work from Graham – a high school buddy I hadn’t been in touch with for about 20 years.

“Some friends and I were discussing the song ‘In The Year 2525’. But we can’t remember the group. Who was it?” Graham asked.

(This was in the era of B.I. – Before Internet.)

Without pausing to think about it, I immediately replied, “Zager and Evans”.

“And I’m fine, thank you,” I might have added.

“Fuck off,” Graham said as he laughed. The words were not spoken in disrespect but rather in admiration and disbelief that I had not only known the answer but was also so quickly able to produce the answer.

Although this did leave me to wonder why Graham had called me in the first place if he hadn’t expected me to know the answer.

But I DID know the answer because back then – when it came to music – I was the “Guy”.

If family and friends, or even friends-of-friends needed to know something about a popular song or artist – they came to me, because I was the “Guy”.

If they wanted to borrow a copy of any particular song, they knew they could rely on me to produce it on vinyl, cassette or reel-to-reel, because I was the “Guy”.

Of course my services aren’t in demand as much anymore since “Google” has become so readily available.

But now there’s even another option. Mark Thompson is the new “Guy” to go to for fun facts and trivia about music artists with his new show “Cool Stories In Music”.

Mark began hosting the “Cool Stories in Music” podcast in December 2013.

Each week Mark presents a new story, inspired by biographies, stories and chart trivia, including “fun facts” and “bet you didn’t know” segments interspersed with clips of the songs made famous by the artist of the week.

You’ll hear fascinating stories about music artists such as Sam Cooke, Harry Nilsson, Grand Funk, The Jackson Five and more.

It’s a free site and all you have to do is visit it each week by clicking on Cool Stories In Music

Or make it easy on yourself and sign up. There is no charge to join “Cool Stories In Music” and once you do – every week you will have the latest podcast delivered right to your mailbox.

Mark promises (and from experience I can attest to it) that you will never receive any junk mail or spam from “Cool Stories In Music” just another great podcast each week.

If you’re a music fan that enjoys a bit of nostalgia, stories and music – check it out.

What are you waiting for? You’re already on the Internet.

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