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May The Enforcers Be With You

Posted March 1, 2008 by jim young in Lifestyle

– jim young

As you turn on to Lake Clear Road in the Ottawa Valley, you will see a sign that reads, “Community Safety Zone – fines increased.” Presumably this means fines for traffic offences such as speeding.

Now this is an area heavily populated with cottages and there is the Opeongo Mountain Resort just down the road. The road separates the cottages and the resort from the beach so I can appreciate there is a lot of pedestrian traffic for which there is a concern for safety.

But I’m not sure I agree with the “fines increased” policy.

What does that mean exactly? That it’s more against the law to speed on Lake Clear Road than it is on any other road? How can that be?

Isn’t that the same thing as saying it’s more against the law for you or I to murder our ex-wives than it is for O.J.Simpson to murder his ex-wife?

It seems to me that what we’ve really done is passed a law because we haven’t been able to enforce a law we already had in place. If this is the case, what makes us think this new law will be any more enforceable?

I also occasionally see road signs that read “speed limit strictly enforced” (usually along stretches of highways under construction) and I have to ask myself, why aren’t all speed limits strictly enforced? It’s pretty much accepted that in some areas it’s okay to drive 10-kilometers/per hour over the speed limit. Why don’t they just increase the speed limit by 10-kilometers/per hour in these areas and then strictly enforce the new limits there and everywhere?

I understand the need for mitigating circumstances and can appreciate that every case might need to be handled with a degree of discretion, but sometimes I just get fed up with laws that are passed when we have enough laws in place that we just can’t be bothered to enforce.

If on the other hand, these signs are posted merely to bring our attention to the need for particular care in areas that might have special circumstances – well then, I guess the fact that I have taken the time to write this editorial and that you have taken the time to read it, is testimony in itself to their effectiveness.

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