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MP Helena Guergis Challenges Prime Minister Harper

Posted April 10, 2010 by jim young in Politics

– jim young

There’s a fine line between ass-kissing and doing what the boss wants you to do.

Conversely the same fine line separates defending your position and challenging your boss’s authority.

And when your boss is the Prime Minister of Canada, you’d better be damn sure you don’t cross that latter line.

But then if you’re someone like disgraced MP Helena Guergis, just like a little kid learning to colour, you don’t worry about crossing any lines.

Apparently the rules, moral or legal, don’t apply to Guergis.

The misguided Guergis thinks she’s privileged. And she has proven that she feels her entitlements have given her the power to even challenge Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Let’s not mince words here. For all intents and purposes, Ms. Guergis was fired from her position as Minister of State for the Status of Women. She was also kicked out of cabinet and the Conservative caucus; a very rare move for a Prime Minister to make against one of his ministers – even a JUNIOR minister.

Of course politician’s like to be politically correct so technically Guergis “offered” her resignation even though Harper made it clear she had been effectively removed.

Only someone as arrogant as Guergis would then have the gall to challenge Prime Minister Harper’s actions in her letter of resignation.

In a quote from her letter of resignation, Ms. Guergis wrote, “It has become apparent through baseless allegations and unfounded assertions made about my family that I need to step aside to allow for the good work of our government to continue serving Canadians.”

“Baseless allegations” and “unfounded assertions”?

It was Prime Minster Harper himself who requested the RCMP investigate Guergis.

Guergis, in her letter of resignation to the Prime Minster himself, has charged the Prime Minister of Canada with making “baseless allegations” and “unfounded assertions”!

To be fair to Guergis, and if you’re like me you’ll agree it’s more than she deserves, but to be fair to Guergis, she has not been convicted or even charged with any wrongdoing, legal or ethical – yet.

And if we are willing to extend that courtesy to Guergis, surely she could humble herself to concede that, if the Prime Minister of Canada is making “allegations” and “assertions” to the RCMP AND the Federal Ethics Watchdog, they are not an act of whimsy taken lightly on the Prime Minister’s part.

Time will tell if the “allegations” and “assertions” against Guergis and her family are true, but to suggest they are “baseless” and “unfounded” undermines the authority and integrity of the elected leader of our country.

Whether your political affiliations are Conservative, Liberal, NDP or otherwise, you have to recognise that Guergis comments are a slap in the face to Prime Minister Harper and in turn, a slap in the face to all Canadians.

How dare a Junior Cabinet Minster even an EX Junior Cabinet Minister show such disrespect to her boss, especially when he’s the Prime Minster of Canada!

As a Canadian I demand a personal apology from Guergis to Harper and all Canadians.

It is no longer enough that Guergis resign as cabinet minister, she must resign from politics all together. But as she will be entitled to a $100,000 a year pension when she turns 55 if she remains an MP until June 28th, it’s not likely that will happen.

So I call upon the constituents of Simcoe-Grey to call her home. Tar & feather Guergis if you will. But just get her the hell out of politics before we all have to pay for her retirement.

– 30 –