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MVM – Music Videos For The Mind

Posted August 30, 2010 by jim young in Media

– jim young

“It’s the same old song…” – Holland, Dozier & Holland

It may be the same old song but there’s a new and exciting way to listen to music today. It’s not a new type of mp3 player or iPod and it’s not a new format to replace CDs, Tapes or Records.

As unique as Rap was when it came along in the 1970s this could almost be considered a new genre of music. But that’s not really it either.

It defies precise definition. In the 60s we might have called it a "happening".
Ensuring the song you are listening to is not relegated to Muzak or mere background music while you go about doing whatever it is that you go about doing, Disc Jockey/Writer Kory French* is offering a new listening experience that will thrill your senses by rousing your imagination to new heights.

Kory’s "Written to Music" articles are intended to be read while listening to a specific song. To that end, on his website The Inhuman Ones Kory embeds a YouTube link to the song he is writing about so you are just a click away from enjoying the song that complements his article. Or is it his article that complements the song?

The average reader will find he is finished reading about the time the song comes to an end.

Slow or fast readers need not be concerned – much like an orgasm it doesn’t really matter if you don’t both reach the height of ecstasy at the exact same moment.

It’s about how you get there just as much as it is about getting there.

Choosing from obscure recordings to familiar chart toppers, Kory selects a tune that has somehow inspired his imagination and driven him to share his interpretation of the song creatively, artistically and with such a unique flare that it is destined to leave a mark in the history of music.

When his occasional intellectual ramblings don’t get in the way, Kory paints a picture as vividly as Dylan, as catchy as the Beatles and as driven as Satchmo.

My reaction to the first "Written to Music" article I read was "I don’t need to be told by Kory French how to interpret a song"; for interpret the song he does.

But after reading a few more, I quickly came to realize that Kory’s interpretations were no more imposing than the video portion of any music video.

In fact, Kory’s "Written to Music" articles are really just that – visual representations of a song that, instead of being viewed on your computer screen or LCD TV, are intended to be viewed in your mind.

Some aren’t even visual really – but more of a “feeling”.

One might ask himself, “What’s the point if you have to sit in front of your computer to read along every time you want to hear that song?”

The point of course is, once you have heard the song while reading Kory’s article – the essence of Kory’s descriptive narrative will return to haunt you each time you hear the song playing on the radio or on your iPod in the same manner that the smell of apple pie might cause you to have warm, fuzzy feelings about your mom.

One day we may all seek out the Oracle Kory French for his "Written to Music" articles that we might carry in our own "mind’s eye", music videos that are with us wherever we go; music videos that start to play in our imaginations as the first few bars of the song are heard.

Music videos that require no special technology.

Music Videos as we know them may one day become a thing of the past.

Warning: This new listening experience does not come without side effects. I may be no surgeon general but it’s very possible that Kory’s innovative listening experience might even instil in us a new desire to read, use our imaginations and encourage us to become a more literate society once again.

* Kory French is a former Dog On A Root contributor in the Tyrant Wings category.

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    I’m impressed by the timing as well. It’s a great new way to listen to music and get a little insight at the same time.

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