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My Last Letter To Santa

Posted December 6, 2016 by jim young in Lifestyle
Who's Your Santa?

– by jim young

Every year, for as long as I can remember, I have written a letter to Santa to let him know what I wanted for Christmas.

I am 63 years old now and this is the first year I have not written a letter to Santa.

I do not remember the early letters that I wrote to Santa in the 1950s but I can vividly recall the letters I wrote to Santa in the 1960s.

Three of my sisters and I would return home from school one day in December to discover the mailman had delivered a Christmas Catalogue from Eatons. The family pecking order dictated I had to wait until my two older sisters first had the opportunity to peruse the wonderful assortment of goodies that Santa was offering through Eatons that year.

How I wished that we could just tear the catalogue in half, since, being older – and girls – my sisters  were really only interested in boring stuff – like clothes, while my interests lay in the coolest of toys that were new on the market.

So it was usually after dinner before I got my chance to sit at the dining room table to examine page after page, pen in hand, transcribing my wish list from the pages of the Eatons Christmas Catalogue to my handwritten list to Santa.

And the very next day my letter was in the mail.

On Christmas morning, I don’t recall ever getting anything that was on my list to Santa. In fact, I don’t recall even remembering on Christmas Morning anything I had asked Santa for. But I was never disappointed with the things Santa brought to me, from my cowboy guns to my ViewMaster Reels.

It was all good.

And to this day, I’m not really sure which was more exciting – writing up my list to Santa and expressing my desire for all the possibilities, or enjoying the realities of what he actually brought for me.

But the sad reality was – I grew up.

The happy reality for me, however was – there really WAS a Santa in my life.

And every year, right up to and including last year, my mother insisted my sisters and I write a list to Santa so that she would know what to buy us for Christmas.

Our protests as we grew into adults, that our mother should spend her money on her grandchildren and great-grandchildren fell on deaf ears. (And if you knew my mother that was more literal than you might think.)

One year I received a picture frame that contained only the letters “P.O.E.A.G.W.T.M.” I was a little confused until my mother explained, my list to Santa that year had only included one wish – “Peace On Earth And Good Will To Men.”

But there were many other gifts that I received from my Santa that year as well.

As it became evident that the gifts would continue regardless of our protests, my list to Santa grew longer and longer each year. Not out of greed, but to provide more choices to ensure that it would be easier for my mother to find something that she would feel good about giving to me to unwrap on Christmas morning.

This was my last letter to Santa to tell him (her) what I wanted for Christmas:

  • Plaid pants – xlarge
  • Socks – black
  • Underwear – briefs, coloured
  • Balderson’s white old cheese (2 to 6 year old)
  • McLaren’s Sharp old Cheese
  • Snyder’s of Hanover’s Buffalo Pretzel Pieces
  • DVD – The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
  • DVDs – any old or new movies or TV shows.
  • I don’t think I got any of these things, but like the Christmases from so long ago – I was so much happier with what I did get.

More importantly – it wasn’t any individual item that I did receive that pleased me as much as the love that was behind it.

And when it comes right down to it – that’s what it’s all about.

This year there will be no presents under the tree for me from Santa.

And that’s okay.

Because I’ve had somewhere between 63 and 87 years of the best damn Christmases any child could ever hope to have.

– 30 –



    The love of your family was truly a blessing!


    Very well written…


    Beautiful Jim! The Christmas spirit lives on as you have taken on the roll of Santa and your Mom is very proud of that, that was one of the many pictures she shared with us during our last visit with her. Wishing your family a Christmas full of happy memories! Brian & Sue


    What beautiful memories & sentiments. It’s what the holidays are really about. Happy Christmas.


    Beautiful with all those memories. I, too, remember the Eaton’s catalogue. My brothers and I would take turns as you and your sisters did. Very fond memories of our families and those treasured memories we both have.


    You nailed it, little brother 😍


    What a beautiful peice if writing Jim… emotional, reminiscent, & humorous too. I thoroughly enjoyed reading that, & can feel the love and Christmas spirit that your amazing beautiful mom instilled in all of you. That is the biggest gift she has given you, that keeps on giving. It may not be under the tree but, rather in your heart, which is even better. She would be very proud. -Luv Andrea. XO

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