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My Mother – My Facebook Friend

Posted April 25, 2009 by jim young in Lifestyle

– jim young

I recently accepted my Mother as a friend on Facebook. Why wouldn’t I? She didn’t have her picture posted – but what the fuck? It was MY Mother.

And once I accepted her as a friend, I saw we have mutual friends – my daughter and my nephew. So even though my Mother’s picture wasn’t posted, I was confident that I had really accepted an invitation to be friends with my Mother.

But then my cousin emailed to tell me that he too had been asked to accept my Mom as a friend and he questioned the invitation because the invitation listed my Mother as living in Toronto not Barrie where she resides.

But I understand the ambiguity of some of these questions. If my Mother had been asked where she was born she would have answered, Toronto.

If she had been asked where she lived, my Mother would have answered Barrie.

But if my Mother had been asked where she was from, she might have answered either Toronto or Barrie.

And since she has lived in the same house for more than 40 years she might have even answered Painswick since that was her address before it had been annexed by Barrie.

My Mother might have even answered that she was from Stroud since that was her first home when she was first married.

Of course since my Mother is 81 maybe she was just confused with the question.

Or maybe it wasn’t my Mother at all and the place was just a guess.

Then it occurred to me. What if it wasn’t my Mother that had sent me the request? What if someone had hacked into my Mother’s email address book, set up a Facebook account and sent out invitations to everyone in her address book?

As more and more people accepted her as a friend, the credibility that this person really was my Mother would strengthen.

Once I accept my Mother as my friend, my Mother has access to my address, phone number and other personal information about me. So what? It’s my Mother. She knows all this stuff anyway.

But what if it isn’t really my Mother?

And what if I announce to all my friends (including my “Mother”) that I am going on vacation for 2 weeks?  No big deal since I trust all my friends.

But if my Mother who is now my Facebook friend isn’t really my Mother – now a stranger knows that I am going away for 2 weeks AND they know my address. They even have my phone number and can call to confirm that I am not home before they come to burglarise my house.

You know what?

I have enough “real-life” friends.

What the fuck do I need “Facebook” friends for?

And my Mother was already my friend long before Facebook was ever born anyway.

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