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Obama Drops Bomb Then Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Posted October 12, 2009 by jim young in Politics

– jim young

…and all in one day! (On John Lennon’s birthday at that.)

When I think of Nobel Peace Prize winners I think of people like Albert Schweitzer, Mother Theresa, Lester B. Pearson and Doctors Without Borders – people who have actually contributed something towards achieving world peace.

Don’t get me wrong, I hope this ridiculous faux pas will inspire Obama to follow through on many of his promises to reduce nuclear weapons and ease tensions around the world.

But dropping a bomb on the moon, for whatever reason, just doesn’t seem to cut it as a prerequisite for any kind of a Peace Prize in my opinion.

Now I understand the bombing of the moon was not an act of war and there was no loss of life (although there could have been) but what gives Obama the right to do anything invasive to the moon?

That alone could be considered an act of war.

Since when did the moon become the property of the United States?

If the United States is going to play the “we were there first” card than the United States needs to be reminded that by that reasoning, they don’t even own the United States.

It’s one thing to visit property that you don’t own, but it’s quite another thing to do anything that might damage that property.

It may be quite all right for a bunch of kids to play baseball in a vacant lot, but it would not be all right for them to cut down an old oak tree that might be in their way.

Is it really any different?

Have we not fucked up the earth quite enough that we need to start on the moon and beyond?

Have we learned nothing from what we have done to contaminate our fresh water all over the world?

Have we learned nothing from what we have done to damage the ozone layer?

Have we learned nothing from what we have done to cause global warming?

Forget any conspiracy theories that I’m sure will arise from this.

Let’s take the intent for the bombing of the moon at face value and assume it really was to determine if there was water on the moon.

I am quite certain the scientists involved in this project will tell us it was quite safe and there would be no damaging repercussions.

But are these not the same group of experts that insisted not so many years ago that were was no water on the moon?

If they could have been so wrong about that, that they now need to bomb the moon to see if they were wrong, then perhaps they could be wrong about the safety of bombing the moon.

I am not opposed to space exploration but before we go destroying the moon and beyond, I think we need to look after our own planet first.

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