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Rahim, Helena And The Smoking Gun

Posted April 27, 2010 by jim young in Politics

– jim young

The only card the Guergis supporters have had to play since the whole Guergis/Jaffer scandal broke a few weeks ago is that at worst Guergis was guilty only of rude and obnoxious behaviour at the Charlottetown Airport and rude and obnoxious behaviour are not crimes.

“The rest,” her supporters have cried, “have been nothing more than allegations at best.” And even the allegations were accused of being unfounded and baseless, according to Guergis herself.

But now it seems the allegations were NOT unfounded and baseless.

Now we have the smoking gun which proves that Jaffer (once again) and now Guergis (as suspected) are both liars.

From the beginning Jaffer and Guergis have both publicly stated that Guergis’ parliamentary offices had never been used by Jaffer for any of Jaffer’s business deals.

We now know (as all but her supporters have suspected all along) that was a lie.

When the Liberal Party makes a statement about Guergis & Jaffer, it’s an allegation.

But when the Conservative Party makes a statement about Guergis & Jaffer, it’s an admission.

End of story.

What credibility, if any, that Guergis and Jaffer may have had is now gone and makes everything else they have claimed, suspect.

My prediction is that the Guergis supporters will now decree that ALL politicians lie so she really isn’t any different than any other politician.

And that’s a pretty hard point to argue.

But I remember once as my wife tried to save a stray dog, I said to her, “You can’t save them all.”

“Maybe not,” my wife replied. “But I can save this one.”

The same principal applies here.

We may not be able to oust every politician that lies and cheats and abuses his or her position of trust. But when one, such as Helena Guergis, has been caught red-handed and has been so blatant about her abuse of power and privilege, it’s a pretty good place to start.

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