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Say Goodnight, Dick

Posted January 1, 2010 by jim young in Media

– jim young

Don’t you think it’s time Dick Clark called it a night? I watched his pathetic performance as we brought in yet another new decade. I gotta tell ya – even as a stroke survivor myself, he made me uncomfortable.

I am much more fortunate than Dick Clark and walked away with no noticeable side effects. (No more than were inflicted on me by the 60s, at least.)

But I don’t like to be reminded that, but for the grace of god – there go I.

And I have strong suspicions that Dick Clark’s parts were pre-recorded, including the part at the end where Ryan Seacrest pretended to be out of breath from running up from the street to the studio.

What’s the point? I can only assume that Ryan Seacrest must be thinking “How long do I have to share the bill with this old washed-up has-been?”

In fact, wasn’t Dick Clark pretty much a washed-up has-been 37 years ago when he first hosted the Times Square New Year’s Eve Celebrations back in 1972?

When I asked my wife what she thought about it, she suggested that Clark represented our generation – the baby-boomers and when we were dead, Seacrest could take over then.

By that logic, my son’s generation never got a turn. Hell – my younger sister’s generation never even got a turn. In fact, maybe it shouldn’t even be Seacrest that gets to carry the torch. Maybe it’s time for my grandson’s generation to take over. And I won’t even pretend to know who the hell that representative should be.

During the 50s and possibly even the 60s, Dick Clark represented the generation of rock ‘n roll, youth and energy. If we are looking for someone who still best represents that era, wouldn’t Mick Jagger or even Keith Richards be a better choice?

But it’s not the 50s anymore. It’s 60 years later. That’s 3 fucking generations!

I’m all for tradition – to a point. Let’s keep the tradition of the Times Square New Year’s Eve celebrations. It’s fun.

But it’s time to pass the torch to Ryan Seacrest, until 2011 anyway. Then we’ll see if he’s still relevant.

But for now, say goodnight, Dick.

– 30 –



    Your wife is absolutely right, and ya know why, there is no representation of rock once you get into the eighty`s. There will never be the representation of rock like there was in the 50`s, 60`s and 70`s.
    In the early 80`s I started working in various high schools. Every other kid had a Boom Box or Ghetto Blaster ( remember them? ). They used to crank up “their ” music when they saw me, the old man in his thirties, coming. Yeah, they were going to drive me nuts as they blasted out SATISFACTION!
    Of course I loved it but couldn`t show it lest they turn it down. The only thing that DID bug me was thinking, why can`t they have their OWN music and not feed off of mine? As my own son became a teenager I asked him this very question along with many other teens and their answer was always the same, ” all the groups out there suck “. Ya know what, for the most part, they were right. This is why your son never got a turn and your younger sister didn`t get a turn. There was nothing out there for them. Personally, I thought Oasis sounded a bit like the Beatles with Wonder Wall?, but what do I know?. They were a flash in the pan much like some of our groups like the Dave Clark Five and Hermin`s Hermits.
    If you want, go to the ” Boomer Vault” and withdraw Mick or Keith to do the ball drop thing but you really haven`t changed anything.
    Am I just out of the loop. Who the fuck is Ryan Seacrest? Better still, who is he in two years from now? Will the young people know?
    Goodnight Dick

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