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Spring Has Sprung

Posted March 5, 2015 by jim young in Lifestyle

“To everything there is a season, and a time and purpose under heaven.” – Ecclesiastes 3

The cold temperatures of February that everyone has been whining about for so long seem to have finally broken. And inevitably these warmer temperatures have brought about a snowfall.

Never mind that February is always the shortest month of the year anyway – leap year or not – I am so happy you endured and survived those few twenty-some days of bitter cold.

I’m sure everyone is well aware by now that at least it doesn’t snow during the extreme cold temperatures.

So thanks to all of you who have been wishing for warmer temperatures to arrive.

After walking through the wet slush to the parking lot at work to get to my car, I returned home to the task of shovelling my driveway once more this year.

I would have much preferred spending time relaxing in front of the warmth of my fireplace inside with sub-zero temperatures outside, to risking heart failure while removing the snow from my driveway.

But so long as you are enjoying these balmy temperatures – don’t worry about me.

Get rid of your winter coats and venture out in T-shirts and bare feet to welcome your long awaited spring that has finally arrived.

From the day the ground hog made its first appearance after hibernation – regardless of its prediction – isn’t this what all you “cold sissies” have been waiting for? The official announcement of spring.

So here it is. Your official announcement of spring.

Why wait until March 21st – give or take a day or two depending on when the last leap year was – rejoice in spring NOW!

Because, according to the Meteorological Seasons – spring began on March 1st.

Faggedabout the equinoxes and solstices that have been defining the seasons since almost the beginning of time.

They are based on nothing more than a bunch of mumbo jumbo about the Earth’s position in relationship to the Sun.

In just 1780, a group of meteorologists (who disbanded just 15 years later) thought they knew better.

These meteorologists decided to arbitrarily change all that by redefining the seasons in an attempt to standardise the length of each season and make the calculations easier for them to compare from year to year.

Granted the computer as we know it had not yet been invented – but gee – couldn’t they find an Abacus or slide rule to help them crunch the numbers?

This idea of changing the start of the seasons to the beginning of the month (Summer begins on June 1st, Autumn begins on September 1st and Winter begins on December 1st) caught on about as well as the New Coke did in the 1980s.

And yet there are many misguided misfits today that adhere to this nonsense and the meteorological seasons are still being observed.

I’m guessing by people like Sheldon Cooper.

At least in Sweden and Finland the meteorologists have a sense of adventure.

For them, spring arrives only after there has been 10 consecutive days of temperatures above 0 degrees Celsius.

Based on this:
1) Spring could arrive on a different day every year.
2) Spring could arrive at different times in different parts of the country.
3) No one would know that spring had arrived until AFTER it had arrived.

But at least it would be more exciting.

Imagine anxiously awaiting spring after 9 days of above 0 temperatures only to have the temperature drop below zero on the 10th day. How disappointing would that be to have to start all over again?

And just think of all the money that could be won (or lost) making wagers on when spring would actually arrive.

Theoretically – following a warm spell in January, spring might even arrive on January 21st.

How welcoming would that be to all the “cold sissies”?

But getting back to the real world – the world is going to shift a little closer to the sun on or about March 21st this year and probably every year from now until the sun burns out.

And this process will continue regardless of how complicated or inconvenient that is for the meteorologists as they undertake their task of making any sense of their data.

In the meantime as Shakespeare once said, “that which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.”

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