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The Bird Feeder Blues.

Posted October 4, 2014 by jim young in Lifestyle

“Feed the birds, tuppance a bag…” – from Mary Poppins.

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Recently we received notice from our condo association to remove the bird feeders from our back yards.

We will no longer be able to enjoy the visits of the many chickadees, sparrows, wild canaries and blue jays that would visit us all year long.

It’s not that these birds are a nuisance, but in addition to our feathered friends, the bird feeders attract some of our furry friends as well such as chipmunks and squirrels.

And I must confess we fed these critters as well. Some were tame enough to not just eat right out of our hands, but even sit on our laps while feeding.

But no more as we must abide by the rules.

I understand that squirrels (these are not red squirrels by the way) and chipmunks can be a nuisance and apparently some damage was done to some of our units that we all must bare the cost of through our condo fees.

I also understand that the initial damage went unreported for some months.

Perhaps the bulk of the cost of removal of the squirrels and the damage was due more to the situation not being nipped in the bud.

If the repairs had been performed as soon as they were discovered – the cost of repairs would likely have been considerably less.

And then maybe we could still feed the birds.

It will be interesting to see what effect, if any, the bird feeder ban has on the chipmunk and squirrel population by this time next year.

I notice the chipmunks and squirrels sometimes like to feed on our flowers. So if the damage continues will the condo association ban the growing of flowers next?

I would suggest the most effective way to discourage the chipmunk and squirrel population would be to ban all gardening.

Of course squirrels live in the trees so we’d better have all the trees on our property cut down too.

And as the chipmunks burrow in the ground, tearing up our lawns and replacing them with cement might be in order as well.

There you go. Problem solved.

Except that the property our condos are situated on border properties with – not just trees – but oak trees laden with delicious acorns.

I think we’d have a tough time convincing our neighbours to cut down their trees and cement their backyards as well.

When the elements attack, we need to create housing that can withstand it. But we can’t just ban the wind and rain and snow. Instead we would be well advised to simply fortify our fortresses to keep the intruders out.

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