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The Good Old Days Of Tomorrow

Posted March 10, 2008 by jim young in Lifestyle
The Good Old Days Of Tomorrow

– by jim young

From time to time I receive email from friends reminiscing about the proverbial “Good Old Days” and how wonderful they were.

But it has occurred to me that there are some things about today’s technology that I really like too and wouldn’t quickly be willing to give up.

So while I don’t want to diminish the value of the real “Good Old Days” and our tendency to long to return to a simpler way of life, I would like to present here, some of the advantages of present technology for which I am grateful.

For after all these, I believe, will be fondly referred to as “The Good Old Days of Tomorrow.”

I love movies but I just don’t like “going to” the movies. Why?
a) They frown upon me bringing beer.
b) They won’t put the movie on pause when I have to go to the bathroom or get a snack.
c) And they won’t back it up when I miss something or want to see a particular scene again.

Besides – why would I want to leave the comfort of my living room to go out into the cold; to a room filled with strangers; to sit behind a tall, fat person blocking my view; only to be irritated by noisy children – or worse – some guy that thinks his life is so important that he has to take calls on his cell phone – just for an evening out? Aren’t the movies supposed to be a place to go to get away from “it” all? How can you get away from “it” – if “it’s” there with you?

If this were a list of my pet peeves, the cell phone would be number one on that list as well as being on my list of things I love. But the proper use of cell phones can be a great advantage. Like for emergencies. Or when I’m picking out a DVD at the video store and can’t remember if the one I’m about to select is one we’ve already seen before. That classifies as an emergency, doesn’t it?

When we first got call display I discovered 2 important things.
#1 Not that many people call us when we’re not home and
#2 When they do – we don’t call them back anyway.

The answering machine comes into play when a name or number shows up on call display that we don’t recognize. We let the answering machine take those calls. Then, if someone we know starts to leave a message – we’ll pick up on it – maybe.

The computer is the single most used appliance in our home. I love my computer so much – if I could marry it – I would! It is a source of entertainment and education. I love to learn and the computer has continued to provide me with tools to learn something new every day. (And all those pictures of naked chicks don’t suck either.)

If it weren’t for the Internet I wouldn’t be able to share these thoughts with you. And through email I have been able to keep in touch with family and friends that a self-exiled, hermit such as myself would never have the opportunity to do.

My mother who lives nearby is hearing impaired and we keep in touch almost exclusively through email. My kids live on the other side of the country and this too affords us a convenient and easy way to communicate with each other.

I don’t feel the least bit guilty about downloading all those songs for free. Over 80% of the songs I’ve downloaded are ones I’ve already paid royalties on – probably 2 or 3 times, through purchases of 45s, LPs, 8-Tracks and/or Cassette Tapes. And many of the artists I download are dead anyway.

Besides – there’s already a small tax included in the purchase of blank CDs that allegedly goes to the artists. Convince me that it actually reaches them and not the middleman – and I’ll gladly pay an even higher tax on them. (This tax on blank media is the reason that sharing music files is legal in Canada.)

Oh yeah – I also want to know where I can get a tax rebate on the many blank CDs that I burn my own original material onto or have to destroy because of  “buffer overrun errors”.

My mother-in-law once showed me how to make homemade bread from scratch the way my Gramma Young used to make it.

It was too hard.

A few years ago, when my daughter Ange moved out west, she left us her bread-maker along with the book and videotape of instructions. I understand they’re very easy to use, although I’ve never tried. But it’s nice to know that I “can” make homemade bread whenever I “want” to even if I never do. Fox’s Bakery is just down the road from where I work anyway.

The remote control for our electric garage door opener is broken, so I have to get out of the van, go inside the house and press the button that’s inside the coat closet to open the garage door. This is probably more inconvenient than just opening the garage door by hand – but it gives me such a feeling of power to just press a button. In a household run by two neurotic dogs and a very independent cat, I need to have some sense of control.

The truth is – I would prefer a “real” fireplace even with the extra maintenance that goes along with it. But in our townhouse, a real fireplace would be illegal – so I include our gas fireplace in this list.

None of these things existed in the “Good Old Days” and of course we got along just fine without them. But if I could go back in time to live in the “Good Old Days” these are the things that I would want to take back with me. But I guess it wouldn’t be the “Good Old Days” then would it?

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