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The Michael Jackson Leeches

Posted June 26, 2009 by jim young in Media

– jim young

Michael Jackson’s dead. Too bad – so sad.

Don’t get me wrong – I really did like Michael Jackson’s music and performances as much as the next guy.

It bothered me a bit that he was such a prick when he bought the rights to the Beatles Songs and then told McCartney “It was just business.”

But that didn’t stop me from buying Michael Jackson’s music and his DVD of Jackson’s Dangerous Tour to watch over and over again.

It’s really the media circus and the Michael Jackson Leeches that are crawling out of the woodwork that are making me a little cranky about the whole thing.

The Internet headlines screamed “World In Shock At Jackson’s Death”.

Somehow, “Shock” or even “Surprised” are not words that I would’ve used to describe Michael Jackson’s death.

“Tragic” or “Sad” would be appropriate. But gee – “shock?” When you earn a moniker like “Wacko Jacko” don’t you forfeit any right to further shock anyone about anything you do – including dying?

Michael Jackson has reportedly been abusing prescription drugs since being burned while filming a Pepsi Commercial in 1984. Before AND after Jackson’s trial for sexual abuse allegations he battled with health issues related to both drugs and weight loss.

Jackson bordered on mental meltdown on more than one occasion.

So “Shocked”? Not me.  (Check out my article “The Ones That Rock ‘N Roll Didn’t Get” –  http://dogonaroot.com/?p=87)

But then a headline such as “World Serene Over Jackson’s Death” wouldn’t harvest much interest would it?

And in the media world that equates to just one thing. No interest = No money.

The CNN and other news coverage of Jackson’s death have been nothing short of disgraceful and pathetic.

There have been redundant hours of reporting the same thing over and over again.

After a few hours of predicting what the Coroner was going to report, the Coroner came out and reported exactly what the “experts” had predicted. And then of course the “experts” had to come back to interpret for the viewers that the Coroner reported exactly what they said the Coroner would report.

It’s all so embarrassingly self-serving.

Then there was all the pumping of publicity-seeking celebrities for any personal and insignificant anecdotes as if every celebrity in the world either helped raise Michael Jackson or their career had been totally dependent on Jackson’s influence.

Celine Dion compared Jackson’s death to the death of “Kennedy or Elvis”. Come on Celine. You weren’t even born when Kennedy was assassinated. What the fuck do you know about how that was?

Larry King at least had the presence of mind to kind of gloss over her faux pas by acknowledging that it was at least similar to Presley’s death.

Even King became nauseating with his repeated bragging of how he tried to defend Michael Jackson during Jackson’s sexual abuse trial. The judge, who defined it as “hear-say” wouldn’t permit King’s testimony.

But, yes Larry – we get it – you were Michael Jackson’s BFF and if the judge had only listened to you, Jackson would have been fully exonerated.

When interviewing Cher, Larry King pointed out that the Jackson Five had once performed on the Sonny & Cher show. “No,” Cher corrected King in a tone that suggested a sneer “they were on MY show. The Cher Show.”

Thanks for the correction Cher. It’s all about you, isn’t it? It’s okay to forget that you would be nowhere had it not been for Sonny. Too bad you hadn’t acknowledged his greatness when HE was alive too.

Britney Spears (whose hypocritical advice to Michael Jackson 5 years ago was to “toughen up”) was going to make a surprise visit to Michael Jackson when he went on tour later this year. How very generous of you Britney! I’m sure that would have really boosted Jackson’s tour. (It certainly wouldn’t have hurt your career to be seen in the presence of “The King Of Pop” would it?)

I can see those headlines now. “The Superslut Makes a Surprise Visit to the Superstar.”

But it was good of you to let the world know what your intentions were Britney. At least you were able to jump on the bandwagon and get a little bit of publicity out of Jackson’s death.

Admittedly Jackson fans are interested in hearing what some of Michael’s peers have to say about the “King Of Pop” in reflection. There were many celebrities from Barry Gordy through Madonna to Paul McCartney that had sincere comments that didn’t seem to reek of a blatant attempt to associate themselves with Jackson on a personal level just to increase their profile in the media.

I think Lisa-Marie Presley said it best when she announced, “I am so very sad and confused with every emotion possible. I am heartbroken for his children who I know were everything to him and for his family. This is such a massive loss on so many levels, words fail me.”

Too bad words hadn’t failed so many of the Michael Jackson leeches.

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    This reply to your column is probably only me giving a glowing display of my ignorance but I have a couple of questions. Were the rights to the Beatles songs somehow swindled away from Paul McCartny? Were they sold by auction or just ” put on the table ” for sale? I think this transaction took place before Paul started giving his fortune away to one-legged gold diggers so he had plenty of cash. Could he not have bought them himself? If they were auctioned , I learned a long time ago to not be irate with the person out-bidding me , but , to dig a little deeper in my pocket or go home. I don`t see how it would be fair to call Jackson a ” prick ” , it just seems like ” business” to me. Am I missing something?


    You’re probably right. As I am more of a Beatles fan than I am a Michael Jackson fan, perhaps I was taking the “sour grapes” attitude in support of Paul McCartney.

    The publishing rights to the 250 or so Beatles Songs that Michael owned were purchased as part of a lot of 4,000 songs.

    Previous to the auction McCartney had advised Jackson that purchasing publishing rights to songs was a good investment, not knowing that Jackson would later use that against him.

    There’s no denying McCartney has lots of buying power, but perhaps you are underestimating Jackson’s buying power too – or at least what it was when he purchased the songs.

    Apparently McCartney either couldn’t afford the bidding or maybe he knew that no matter how high he went, Jackson would be able to outbid him.

    Either way the transaction destroyed the friendship between McCartney & Jackson and they never spoke again.

    But I admit that perhaps I was being a little harsh, accusing Michael of being a prick for purchasing the songs, and more to the point, the remark was out of place in the context of the rest of the article and should never have been included in the first place.

    So for that I apologize to Michael and thank you for pointing out my error.

    I hear now there are rumours that Michael may have left the publishing rights to the Beatles songs to Paul McCartney and/or Yoko Ono.

    Of course even if that is true it may be a moot point depending on the true extent of Jackson’s debt. The songs could end up in the hands of some unknown debtor.

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