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The Michael Jackson Manslaughter Case

Posted July 15, 2009 by jim young in Media

(Is Dr. Murray Another Cathy Smith?)

– jim young

I sympathize with the celebrities’ doctors.

Most of the time they deal with spoiled brats of all ages who are used to getting whatever they want regardless of whether or not the doc thinks it’s a good idea.

I once read a story about a doctor that tried to refuse Elvis Presley of some prescription drugs until Elvis jumped up on the doc’s desk and demanded his doctor write the prescription or he (Elvis) would buy the “whole god-damned drugstore!”

I suppose a conscientious doctor might justify writing the prescription by considering that as long as the celebrity is going to him for prescription drugs instead of obtaining them from the black market – at least he can monitor the usage and quality.

And there’s never any fame or recognition for these doctors regardless of what may be honourable motives and good intentions.

At least not until something goes wrong.

Then all hell breaks loose.

Of course writing a prescription for a “feel good” drug is a long way from injecting a patient with a powerful anesthetic usually only used in hospitals.

So if the reports are true that Dr. Conrad Murray injected Michael Jackson with Propofol, leading to the King of Pop’s death – perhaps a homicide charge against the doctor is in fact appropriate, regardless of what Murray’s good intentions may or may not have been.

For a precedent in such a case one only need look back to 1982 when Cathy Smith was convicted of manslaughter for administering a fatal drug overdose to actor/comedian John Belushi.

Smith – a heroin addict/groupie/drug dealer could at least plead ignorance and claim that she didn’t know that injecting Belushi with 11 speedballs (a mix of heroin and cocaine) could kill the actor.

Dr. Murray doesn’t have that luxury.

Dr. Murray HAD to know the potential dangers.

At least Dr. Murray had the good sense NOT to go running to the National Enquirer the next day to sell his story.

But other than that – perhaps Dr. Murray and Cathy Smith have more in common than either one would care to admit.

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